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T H E   C A N D L E   C O L L E C T I O N

Amy Evelyn candles are not just candles, they give you an experience. When burning the candles in your home or workspace, you can notice the quality of the essential oils and even be able to hear the crackle of the burning wooden wick.

All the candles are of a very high quality. They are hand-poured and made with the finest soy wax to give the best scent throw which fills the room with not just a fragrance, but also a treatment too. As the candles are made with pure essential oils, the inhalation of the aromas will give a 'treatment-like' effect, helping you to find your mind's well-being with the most beautiful scents around.

We can all buy candles quite easily from most places now, from the high end departments stores right through to our local supermarket (and even fashion outlets). The problem with these candles is that anybody can buy them and so we feel they lose their 'glamour' a little. Amy Evelyn Candles can be designed, blended and even scented completely bespoke to you. The aroma is then made into a candle which will be your individual fragrance to have.


Please contact me here to discuss your fragrance needs. All the candles are handmade by me, Emmaline using my expert aromatherapy knowledge to give you the best candle experience around.


"Interior design with essential oils"


- Emmaline Tsui -


Here at Amy Evelyn, we create bespoke fragrances for your home or work space.


Are you getting married or know somebody who is? Imagine a beautiful room filled with your own bespoke scent as everybody walks in...

Do you have a new room in your home that you think you benefit from a bespoke scent?

We create oil blends for yoga studios, home offices, gyms, spa areas, kitchens plus many more...


Just let us know what ambiance you are trying to achieve and we can visit your space and create a custom blend to your liking.

We create candles and essential oil blends to suit your style and taste.


The bespoke candle package consists of the following...


An initial consultation

This is where we discuss aromas that you like and create a couple of blends for you to try in your space


Follow up consultation

After your initial consultation, you can then contact us to say which blend you like the most and a candle will be created for you to try. This will be given on the follow up consultation and allows you to burn the candle and experience the blend. If there is anything you wish to change on the blend, this will be discussed here. Payment must be made for the complete package at this stage.


Final consultation

The final consultation will allow us to create the candles to the blend of your choice and deliver the bespoke candles to you.


The complete package

5 candles (minimum order) will be made of your bespoke scent for you to burn at your leisure.

Bespoke candles are £50 each.


Any extra consultations will be charged at £50 per hour


Email us at for more details.