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SKINCARE: Tips to keep your neck looking youthful

Hello and welcome to this weeks post. This week I wanted to talk about one of the biggest things that can really take away a woman's confidence... her neck! I have so many clients concerned with this area and so I thought it would be good to do a post to show you what can be done at home to help.

The main problem with the neck area is that it has a very small amount of oil glands and so can get quite 'scraggy' easily if we don't look after it. No fear though, I have listed below a few tips that will help you help your neck :)


Collagen supplements have been known to help boost that area in particular. Something like the Skinade supplement can really help boost hydration, increase collagen and really plump and firm the area. I have used it on many clients in the past and have seen some really good results too!

Above are some results I've had from a client taking the Skinade supplement and these are after just 30 days! (skinade is available in the clinic starting at only £3.30 per day)

Also, taking omegas can really help with hydration all over the body including the neck area. Omega supplements of 3 and 6 will really help boost your levels of hydration and moisture in the skin. Ideally you want to take omegas 3 and 6 together, as sometimes omega 3s by themselves can actually dry skin out. (why not try the Skin Omegas available in the clinic starting at £28 for 60 capsules). Failing that, even building some plant based omegas into your diet is another good method. Flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds and avocados are perfect!


I think the area between our chin and chest can be rather neglected, especially when it comes to applying products. Sun protection is a major factor in premature ageing - in the sense that if we're not using it, we can see the difference in skin damage. Every single day, come rain or shine make sure you have a really high quality sun protection on and make sure you take the product right down the neck and onto your chest. Plus anything that's leftover apply to your hands afterwards too! I love the Nimue SPF 40 which comes in a cream form but also in a tinted version that can be used instead if a tinted moisturiser - 2 in one! Perfect! (Nimue SPF40 available in the clinic from £38)


If you are doing a regular exfoliation each week, please don't forget about your neck and chest area too. The skin can quite easily look dull and tired, so make sure you do a gentle exfoliation once or twice a week to keep the skin looking fresh and radiant.


Vitamin A is a great ingredient to use in skincare. It can help with cell regeneration and the skin's overall health. Why not build a product into your regime with some vitamin A in. (try the Viceroy & Grace Botanical Oil - £45 for 10ml)


Last year I introduced micro-needling treatments into the clinic. I have been actually blown away by the results. The concept is that by creating a small amount of injury to the skin, when it repairs itself the collagen levels are boosted. This helps to plump and firm the skin and it has shown fantastic results, especially in the neck area. Microneedling works best when done in a course or 3 or 6 treatments and combined with the Skinade, the results are amazing!

As you can see from the image above, after 6 treatments the skin is much more hydrated and firm. Notice the area at the bottom of the neck too and how this area has plumped out. (Microneedling treatments are available in the clinic starting from £150 each when booking a course of 6).


Obviously we know we need to keep our bodies hydrated, but if we can make sure we are drinking plenty of water it will really help our skin. Ideally we should avoid alcohol, caffeine, sodas which can really dehydrate the skin. Plus refined sugars are also very ageing due to a chemical reaction that takes place in our bodies called 'glycation'. This is a major cause of lines and wrinkles and is easily avoided by not consuming sugary, processed foods.


When you're applying your serums and face creams to your face, make sure that you take any product right down your neck and chest (like I said with the SPF earlier). Never neglect your neck and chest area as this area can sometimes need it the most!


If you can be aware of your posture during the day, this can really help. If you are looking down at your mobile a lot or a laptop, this 'creasing' of the neck can cause 'computer neck'. It can cause us to hunch over in our shoulders, make jowls worsen and also affect the eye area. Try and keep your posture correct and not slouch so much.

If you can, when you sleep at night, lay on your back. This should help keep your neck straight and not crushed like it can be on your side. Also, if you have a couple of pillows, try and remove one to keep your neck stretched and not creased when lying on your back.


Quit basically. This will break down collagen and elastin in your skin. It will give it a grey appearance and really dehydrate your skin. If you are concerned with premature ageing and you smoke... then don't!

I hope you have found some tips that can help your neck and chest area.

Thanks so much for reading,


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