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RECIPE: Super Quick & Healthy American Breakfast Pancakes

With it being Shrove Tuesday, I had to post my favourite recipe for pancakes. I have done this recipe for years and love it still.

I can't take full credit as I have tweaked the Nigella Lawson version (I am so obsessed with her it's a little creepy! ha ha!)

I advise that you make a large batch of the pancake mix and store it in an large jar until you need it. PANCAKE MIX 600g Gluten Free Flour (I like Dove Farm Plain Flour) 3 tbsp. Baking powder 2 tsp. bicarb of soda 1 tsp. salt Add all the ingredients to a large jar and mix/shake thoroughly PANCAKE BATTER 150g Pancake Mix 1 large egg (preferably free range organic) 200ml Almond Milk (go slowly, you might not need it all) 1 tbsp. melted coconut oil Method

  • Beat the eggs and almond milk together in a jug and pour into the pancake mix and beat to create a thick batter

  • Fry pancakes in a fry pan (no oil needed) and serve with yoghurt and mixed berry syrup, coconut yoghurt, almond butter and maple syrup


Handful of frozen berries

Zest of half an orange

Juice of half a lemon

1 tbsp. Maple Syrup


  • Add all the ingredients to a small saucepan

  • Bring to the boil and then simmer for about 5 mins or so until the berries have 'popped' and the juice has turned to a syrup

Have a flippin' great day!

Thanks so much for reading,


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