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The Correct Way To Layer Your Skincare

I get asked this question a lot. "What goes on first? Then what? And then what?".

We can feel a little bombarded sometimes when there are so many products to apply. I have heard so many crazy stories of clients who have been told to purchase this serum and then that serum. Then they should layer with this and then pat on that. It's mad! Firstly, we don't need to overload our skin full-stop.

I will usually layer on a maximum of 4 skincare products in the morning and evening and that I think is more than enough. Our skin goes through so much in the day with all the chemicals in the environment, we don't need to apply too much to our skin after we have cleansed... plus more is never always more!

These are the products that I like to apply day and night. This is how I apply them for my skin and what I find works best for me.

Please may I also say that you should always use common sense when purchasing a few different products. Don't let any sales person pressure you into buying products on top of products if you feel you don't need them. I would say 4 or 5 is maximum to begin with.


After doing a good cleanse with my Cleansing Beauty Balm I always like to apply an oil to my face. I tend to use the Viceroy & Grace Botanical Face Oil first as I find it penetrates well into my skin.

When applying oils I like to add between 3 and 5 drops if I'm layering products (or half a pipette if I'm just applying only oil). I warm the oils in my hands, press it onto my face and then gently massage it in.


After applying oils, I like to apply my water based products. These are my eye creams/serums and face cream.

I add around half a pump of the Nimue Anti-Ageing Eye Cream between my two ring fingers and then massage it around my eye area. Always avoid the lids and right under the eyes as it will creep into the eye and cause puffiness. Only apply to the lids if your facialist says you can.

I add one pump of The Face Cream to the back of my hand and then use a finger to 'dot' it onto my face. Then massage the cream in. If you massage it into your hands, the cream will disappear into your palms and you will have nothing left for your face!


So this is a daytime thing obviously. No matter if it's bright sunshine or pouring it down with rain, you must always use an SPF daily. I love the Nimue Sun-C 40

You should be applying around a teaspoon of SPF to your face and neck to give you the correct coverage. If you use a tinted spf or tinted moisturiser, I would always recommend applying a separate SPF underneath as you will never apply enough tinted product to protect your face.


I don't always apply a third layer in the evening, only if my skin feels particularly dry or if it's very cold outside.

I like to apply around 2 or 3 drops of The Face Oil, warmed in my hands, to my face. It almost give a sandwich effect to my products and stops any moisture loss in the night.

Always try and apply your evening skincare products to your face around 30 minutes before bed so they absorb into your skin (and not your pillow!).

I hope you have found this helpful

Thanks so much for reading,


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