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LITTLE GEMS: A Week Of Foodie Repetition

Hi, welcome back!

So this is kind of half a post and it's not just half a post, it's a late one too! Sorry about that!

I nipped down to London at the weekend for a mini break and by the time I made it back, unpacked and sorted myself out I didn't have the inclination to start blogging at stupid o'clock at night... so instead I sat in bed and watched Tony robbins 'I am not your guru'. That is some film I tell you! I spent most of the night in tears from it! Yikes!

Anyhoo, here is 'half' my week in food :)

Delicious Spelt, Butternut Squash and Tomato Salad

I served this with some lamb's lettuce which is so light and tasty! Love this for a change instead of the good old fashioned kale or spinach. It doesn't have too much flavour but adds a lovely, soft texture.

I had an online training course last week too so I ventured out to The Garden and had my 'usual' brunch dish whilst learning all about supplements!

Harissa Hash at The Garden Hale with Avocado and an Earl Grey Tea

Breakfast Coconut and Mango Overnight Oat and Chia Pudding

Tomato & Basil Breakfast Bruschetta

Brown Rice Pasta with Spinach, Butternut Squash, Beans and Olives

I adore these two things... my weekly pasta dish and leftovers! This was such a great combo of the two, plus yes, butternut squash and pasta is a rather carbolicious combination but who's complaining! Certainly not me! :)

Caramelised Passion fruit with Coconut Sugar

This is always one of my fav treats. You have to wait until the passion fruit is ready though. Everybody seems to think you should eat a passion fruit when it's all smooth and perfect, but actually you should eat it when it's all wrinkly - this is when it's at it's sweetest!

Simply slice your passion fruit in half and then sprinkle with some coconut sugar. Then carefully blast the top with a blow torch to crisp it up - failing that, you can just pop them under a hot grill!

The porridge obsession this week is real! Just. Can't. Stop...!

Homemade Porridge with Raw Almond Butter and Berry Compote

Managed to get a break this week to have a brunch date with my Pilates Princess! This Harissa Hash obsession also needs to stop! It's just way too good though!

And so it ends here! With even more porridge! This is what we had just before we got on the train to London for a few days. Want to see pics from my time in London? They will (hopefully) be up on Wednesday in a Travel Blog.

I hope you guys had a fab week too! Sorry it's a late post this week, sometimes life just gets in the way!

Thanks so much for reading,

Big love,

Em x

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