My Weekly Workout Routine & Fav Trainers

I am an absolute creature of habit. I love routine, it makes me happy. Simple.

When it comes to working out, I am exactly the same as well. I tend to workout the same times and days each week and for me it's perfect for consistency and also my mental health.

Since the start of covid, my routine has definitely changed and I have incorporated working out into my week even more - I guess because I did so much of it during lockdown, it's hard to stop now.

The best way for me to ensure that I workout is by booking my classes/workouts into my diary. There has to be a pretty big reason for me to cancel my workouts - and coffee dates with friends for example, is not enough (I will meet you after my workout!).

I've been training with some amazing trainers over the last few years and so I wanted to give them all a shoutout because they are all brilliant.