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Start The Year With Learning The Difference Between Pleasure, Joy and Happiness

As we stand on the cusp of a brand new year, it's natural to contemplate the journey that lies ahead. I believe in not just enhancing your skin but nurturing your overall well-being. This New Year, let's look into the intriguing intersection of pleasure, joy, and the pursuit of lasting happiness.

The Pleasure Paradox - Immediate Gratification vs. Long-term Happiness

In the world of instant gratification, it's tempting to seek pleasure in the now. Indulgences that bring immediate pleasure can be alluring, but are they the stepping stones to lasting happiness? At times, those little treats that create momentary pleasure may veer us away from the path to true happiness.

The Quest for Happiness

We often declare, "I just want to be happy." Yet, happiness, the grand destination, can sometimes overshadow the importance of joy along the way. Joy, those small, exquisite moments sprinkled throughout our journey, are some of the most memorable and important little spinkles in our lives.

Understanding the Pleasure-Happiness Dynamic

It's crucial to understand when a pursuit is purely for pleasure's sake and when it aligns with the greater goal of long-term happiness. Some pleasures may be fleeting, leaving us craving more, while others may sow the seeds of enduring joy and, ultimately, happiness. We want ideally to focus on those pleasure in life that align with our long-term goal of happiness right?

Striking a Balance

As we step into the New Year, let's cultivate mindfulness in our choices. Let's indulge in pleasures that uplift our spirits without compromising our long-term happiness. Let's find joy in the small victories, the daily rituals, and the journey itself.

Embracing My Philosophy

My approach extends beyond skincare; it's about nurturing a happy and joyous life. Join me in the quest for radiant skin and a soulful journey towards happiness this year.

This New Year, let's set intentions that align with our pursuit of genuine happiness. May we find joy in the everyday and choose pleasures that contribute to our long-term goals of happiness.

Unsure where to start? Why not book a consultation with me and we can have a good chat about your needs to futureproof your skin and well-being. Book a consultation with me here.

Here's to a year filled with mindful choices, enduring joy, and the unmistakable glow of happiness.

Happy New Year!

Emmaline xx


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