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Super Quick Sweet Afternoon Snacks

We all love a good snack right?

In my experience, if I have had a lunch with a high glycemic index then I know I will get that guaranteed 'afternoon slump' where I crave something sweet.

I became aware of the GI diet many many years ago when a teacher told me that she used it to lose a few pounds before she went on holiday. After doing some research, I learnt that my diet was rather high GI at the time and decided to change it to a lower GI to keep me 'fuller for longer'. Times have changed now and so has my diet... however, I still have it in the back of my mind when I choose food.

Anyhoo... long story short, I don't often have the 'slump' as often anymore, but if I do, these are my go to sweet snacks.


In this heatwave this has been my saviour. I buy a bunch of grapes from M&S (as these are always my fav!) wash them and pop them in a box in the freezer. Firstly, I can't tell you how cooling they are, but secondly how tasty they are. They fill a little hole when I need a sweet snack and I must admit I've been having a handful a day over the last couple of months.


There are something about dates that can really satisfy a sweet craving from just one date. If I'm really desperate I will have two, but a lovely cup of herbal cha with a date really hits the spot for me.


I can have this for breakfast sometimes! Peel a banana, slice it lengthways and then spread it with almond butter. It is so so good and yet so simple. Want to take it one step further? Mash the banana and spread on a high-fibre cracker or slice of granary toast. Then drizzle some almond butter over the top... heaven!


I love to have an afternoon smoothie as a quick 'pick me up'. This is obviously a bigger snack then say a handful of grapes, but if you're like me and have to keep going right through till around 9pm, then this is much needed! Have a look at my afternoon smoothie recipe here.


I know these need to be prepped in advance, but if you get time to make them once a week, they can be a great grab and go snack.

Simply toast your nuts in a dry pan and then add a spice mixture of your choice. I love maple syrup, cayenne, pink salt and chopped fresh rosemary.


Ideally 70% cocoa or higher, a square or two of chocolate can always put a smile on your face! I don't recommend having this every day, but once or twice a week can just hit the spot! I recommend looking for a good quality organic and dairy free option if you can.

I hope I've managed to curb your sweet cravings for at least a week!

Thanks so much for reading,



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