Treating Acne Prone Skin with Antioxidants

I'm sure if you struggle with acne, you've seen an overwhelming amount of treatments on the market. Every cream and gel you can think of is probably out there to help. What if you've tried lots of different face washes and creams but still are struggling? Have you ever tried focusing on 'inner beauty' instead? Maybe even looking into your lifestyle to see if that has an impact?

Acne can be caused by so many things such as hormones, dairy and food intolerances and also lifestyle.

Today, I'm going to talk about my favourite antioxidants that can help treat acne prone skin. Why antioxidants? Well as much as hormones and diet can have a huge impact on our skin (especially acne), when we are exposed to a lot of free radicals, these can impact our skin health too.

Think the sun's UV rays, smoking, processed foods and also polluted areas such as city centres can also impact your skin. Below are my favourite antioxidants which can help fight free radicals and even may help to clear your skin up too...