Why skincare shouldn't stop at your jawline

When we say 'skincare' we tend to think more about the face than the body. Our body is covered in skin though, it is the largest organ we have, so surely skin care should be referring to all of our skin as a whole.

I always tell my clients that it's very important that their facial skincare products do not stop at the jawline. All of the products in our facial routine at home should be taken right down the chest to the nipples... yes I said nipples!

When applying products to the face, anything left over should also be massaged into the hands too. Never waste any product when you can slather it on your body!

How do we actually treat the skin on our body though? Do we need to do a full double cleanse each night, apply serums and creams? Well, yes if you can do. Maybe not necessarily a double cleanse, but after your shower with a gentle shower cream, applying a body lotion and then an oil afterwards can help prevent trans-epidermal moisture loss and keep your skin barrier intact. Kind of like you would do with your face.