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LIFESTYLE: 5 Great Ways To Stay Calm In The Holiday Season

It's getting closer and closer... Christmas is coming! It's great! I love and adore Christmas but my God, it can't half bring stress!

We have deadlines, gifts to get, food to prepare and don't forget we have to be merry and jolly all the time (because we're called 'Scrooge' if not!)

Fear not though, I am here to help you calm your mind when all you can think of is panic. Here are my top 5 tips of how to stay calm and collected during the festive (and frantic) season...


This might sound a bit 'airy fairy', but the more stressed we get, the more shallow our breathing becomes. Take time to be more aware of your breath and spend some time controlling your breathing. The best way to do this is to extend your out breath. So, breathe in for the count of 4 and breathe out for the count of 6. I swear by this technique from my yoga teacher Adele Offland. She is the 'guru' of breathing techniques!


So I know it's the party season and so the bottles are popping left, right and centre. However, if you can, maybe cut down on all the things that make you a bit 'high'. For example, caffeine, alcohol and sugar. I know, it sounds like the whole holiday season will be a dull month without these, but I promise it won't!

Stimulants only give you a quick high, your blood sugar or energy will peak suddenly but then will drop twice as fast. Then you will get that slump where you just want to fall asleep. If you really need your caffeine, then maybe opt of a green tea instead. I find I don't get the same highs and lows with it and it still keeps me going!


Even if you have to schedule it in your diary! We all need time to rest and recover after all the working and partying. Make some time for you this month, maybe treat yourself to a facial, massage or even just a nice long bath. Work on getting an early night where possible and keep your phone away from your bed.

Have you tried the yellow glasses that stop blue lights? I try and wear mine around 2 hours before bed and I swear they help my sleep. You can buy them easily off Amazon and they stop the blue lights from electronic devices and lighting disturbing your sleep. Magic!


It's not always just about looking after your body by resting, but we also need to look after our mind and soul too! Do what makes you happy! Get in a few extra yoga or meditation sessions if you can. We can easily become mentally tired, not just physically. When we become mentally tired, it can be easy to get run down and also poorly. It's almost our body's coping mechanism. It eventually makes us sick just to get us to stop. Make sure you're taking some time out to help your mind just as much as your body and you should be able to keep going for longer!


You must do your best to get your nutrients in. If you can take a good multi vitamin (I couldn't live without my ANP Skin Vitality 1 supplements) and also some good quality immune boosters. Whether it's either from a great supplement like Echinacea or by making your own ginger shots or herbal teas to nourish your body. Try and get in plenty of fresh ingredients and warming soups to keep your body as nurtured as possible.

I hope this helps a little. I can't wait until Christmas but I am feeling a little bit frazzled at the moment!

Have a great Christmas and New Year, I'm off to go do some yoga!

Thanks so much for reading,

Big love,

Em x


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