LIFESTYLE: How To Stay Cool In The Heat

It is roasting!! Well, I am roasting at least anyway. It's hard to function in this temperature and so I thought I would give you my 5 top tips for cooling down in the heat...



Well, not just any fruit, FROZEN fruit! I find the easiest way to cool down is to do it from the inside out and frozen fruit (I recommend seedless grapes) is fab! It tastes great, it's super cooling and is good for you too! Win win in my book!



I'm sure you all know this one, but it is so important to keep drinking plenty of water so that you don't overheat. When we get dehydrated, our body temperature can rise and so this will make you feel even more uncomfortable. I like to get a nice big Kilner jar (preferably a 1 litre one) and fill it with water and an obscene amount of ice. I keep sipping on this all day and instead of filling it up with more water, I just keep adding more ice to keep it cool. Try and avoid alcohol too as this will further dehydrate your body and get you even hotter!



I find a cool shower really helps me before I go to sleep. If you can wash your hair before bed and let it dry naturally I find this really helps me too. We have the fan on at night and so having my hair damp just keeps me from getting too warm. Obviously I don't recommend the fan blowing directly at you with wet hair as you might get a chill, but if it's super hot and you can't sleep it's always my last resort!



I tend to avoid anything too heavy or warm on hot days. I like to go for salads and cold foods instead of a heavy, warm meal. Heavy meals can cause the body to heat up as well, so try and snack on light foods during the day so you can have a nice light meal at night. I like to have smoothies, overnight oats or acai bowls for breakfast as they are super cooling (plus taste great!)



This might sound like a random one, but I remember a client telling me this tip and it worked a treat! (Thanks Lucy!!)

If you're super hot in the night and can't seem to cool down, take a sarong and soak it in icy cold water (I've even heard of some people putting it in the freezer!). Wring out as much water as you can and then drape it over you (or in my case, my hubby!) just before you sleep. If the fan is on in the bedroom, this should keep you super cool for a couple of hours - by which time I hope you will have nodded off!


Well I hope you have picked up a tippity tip or two here!


Thanks so much for reading,


Big love,



Em x

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