LITTLE GEMS: Some places I've not been in a while - Victor's Hale, Fox Hale Barns, The Greenhouse, Great North Pie Co. and Stockyard Hale

Hi, welcome back to my blog. So another busy week with lots going on. Funnily enough though, I don't seem to have that many pictures! Anyway, here is my week in food! Hope you had a good one :)


 New obsession is this afternoon 'pick me up' smoothie. It's full of fibre, fat and also greens - plus carbs! I can't live without them!

 The 'Afternoon' Smoothie

water, oats, almond butter, chia seeds, ANP probiotics, spinach, frozen tropical fruit

Mushroom, Pea and Truffle Buckwheat Pasta


Dinner on Monday was this delicious bowl of pasta! I know I have mentioned it before, but this is tasty pasta and it's gluten free too! It gives a different dimension of flavour and works really well with 'nutty' or 'earthy' flavours like mushrooms and truffles.

 Overnight Chia and Oat pudding for breakfast

Recognise this...? It's the beautiful ceiling at Victor's in hale! I went for a lovely little late brunch with my Mamma in Victor's. It's been ages since I've eaten here - I always go to The Con Club now for sushi! This was a yummy breakfast brunch though. I always forget to ask for the sauce on the side though! Just can be a bit too rich sometimes.

 Eggs Royale with Smoked Salmon & Crispy Asparagus - Truffle parmesan breadcrumbs, warm aioli

I can see a habit forming here... I need some new breakfast and dinner recipes! So, erm... Chia pudding again ha ha!  

Cheese & Onion Pie with Mash and Veggie Gravy

The Great North Pie Co. | Altrincham Market


Very indulgent Thursday night at Altrincham Market. Ok, so let me explain how hungry I was... Well, there's no explanation, I was just bloody hungry after a long day at work! ha ha! I have not had this in so so long and I remember why too. It's so bloody big! This picture does not do it justice either. Anybody who has had pie and mash from the Great North Pie Company will know how this can put you on your back! The pastry was INCREDIBLE by the way! Not hard, but perfectly cooked and did not go soggy with all the gravy. If you like a good pie then you must check this place out. For those interested... Yes, I did polish it off! ;o)

Honey & Lime Roasted Salmon with a Quinoa salad and honey & lime dip and a side of Garlic & Chilli Spinach

I had a really lovely meal on Friday night at Fox in Hale Barns. I've not had the salmon before I don't think, but it was really nice. Well after all the drama anyway! So, the fish was cooked fine until I got to the middle. I can be a fussy bugger with salmon and if it's not cooked perfectly, it makes me gagg - serious no joke! I always have it charred but just slightly underdone in the middle. If it's cooked through completely (borderline dry), it's a no go. This came cooked lovely on the end but was raw in the middle - like RAW raw! I sent it back and got some daggers sent to me from the kitchen - oops! They brought me back a new piece though - cooked right through! I guess I deserved that!

Saturday was a bit of a busy day as we had a family engagement party in the evening. You know me, I always need feeding (at pretty much all times throughout the day) and so hubs brought me my fav food home! Takeaway Greenhouse! Aaaaah, happy days!!

This noodle salad and also the roasted cauliflower are to die for! Ah-mazing! Thank you hubby! :)

Me in my 'Asian' suit. Felt like mixing it up a bit this time so I wore this Self-Portrait inspired dress from Missguided with a stunning scarf my lovely Sis brought me back from Pakistan - I wore shoes obviously too ha ha!

Sunday morning omelette on Mediterranean Sourdough bread from Hills Bakery. I've never tried this before but it was so so good. I love sourdough bread from hills anyways so this just cranked the taste up a notch! 

 Full till lunch... or just till my next smoothie break! ha ha!



Loaded Nachos for Two

Smothered with cheese sauce, guac mayo & chipotle sour cream with pico de gallo salsa and jalapeños.

Half Way to Vegan

Bean and sweet potato burger piled with grilled halloumi & sliced grilled pepper, oozing in herby tomato sauce

So, I ended up in the Stockyard after work today. This was a definite case of my eyes being far bigger than my belly! I thought hubs would be eating far more than he did (he had already eaten) and well I don't know if you can see how big these nachos are, but they were friggin' huge!

Plus this veggie burger is ma-hoo-sive! It's definitely a sharing jobbie in my opinion - yikes!


It seems to be a week of eating in places I've not been to for a while. I had a great week though and the engagement party was so much fun! Nobody party's like my in-laws ha ha!


I hope you had a lovely week too. Did you eat out anywhere nice? Let me know in the comments below!


Have a lovely week and thanks so much for reading,


Big love,


Em x

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