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Cleans, relieves, restores. Therapeutically beneficial for general skin health, atopicdermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, pruritus, blemishes, hypertrophic scars and dry skin and redness. Can be used pre, peri, and post procedure.

Hydrinity Hyacyn Active Mist

  • Powered by Hypochloris Acid (HOCL). Rapid activation kills 99.9% of topical pathogenswithin 30 seconds. This potent, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, regenerative formula activates and induces keratinocyte and fibroblast proliferation and migration. It is a fast acting anti-pruritic, with 50% reduction in itching Day 1, 85% reduction by Day 3. No sting, and non-irritating. Safe to use on the face, around the eyes, mouth, nose, and ears. pH neutral 5.6 and non-cytotoxic.

  • Use AM/PM after cleansing the skin thoroughly, with 1-2 mists. Can be used aftermakeup application to set your makeup and used throughout the day as necessary, things like hand sanitiser, freshening after the gym, to help relieve itchiness.

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