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Providing health conscious, skin savvy people with skin, body and home products that are made with high quality, clean raw ingredients that make them feel and look sensational! 


That means the products... 

  • Contain no bulking agents 

  • Are never filled with anything that doesn’t have to be there…

  • Are made with ingredients that always have a purpose.

It’s not just about ensuring that the products are natural; it’s about selecting the correct ingredient to get the result. Sure, sweet almond oil is nice and nourishing for the skin, but rosehip is so much better and offers so many more benefits.

It’s this that makes the difference. 

The products are made with you and your health in mind, rather than how to get the highest profit margin. I know that wellness and pure, mindfully selected ingredients matter to you, so I make that my priority and the results speak for themselves. 


My big mission is to educate people on which ingredients strip and destroy the skin and how to make more informed choices so that they can take control of their health through good ingredient choices. If you’re keen to join that mission, then join my community of like-minded healthy skin activists here

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Firstly, I’m a passionate advocate for great healthy, naturally glowing skin.  As a renowned Facialist and aromatherapist, with a 4 year plus client waitlist, I am well respected for my skin and wellness knowledge.  I really know skin: I see it, feel it and treat it every day. I’m the “tell it like it is”, kind of frank honesty that you never knew you needed. Throughout the years, I’ve learned not only what skin needs on the outside, but when your food and lifestyle is hampering it too! Further, I’ve learned when to apply which ingredient to get the best result for the person in front of me.


The products in my ranges are the result of twenty plus years of treating people holistically, researching and testing. I source all my own ingredients; ensure I know where the raw comes from to confidently say that my products stay clean, pure and effective. There’s no need to damage the environment or the food chain or your health to bring you products that give you the results you are looking for. In fact, it’s what I’m vehemently against. 

If you want better for your skin, health and home, then you can count on the fact that every product in the Emmaline Tsui Skincare & The Tsui Apothecary range is jam-packed with active, skin feeding, soul-nourishing ingredients that will support you on your journey to a healthy, glowing skin and body.  

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