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HOLISTIC: Geranium - The 'Balancing' Oil

Geranium has always been one of my favourite oils and I use it so regularly in my clinic.

As much as it can be more of a 'heady' scent, it's beautiful flora aroma always helps to calm my mind and almost provide some kind of nostalgia. It's also probably the reason why it's in my favourite candle too.

Although geranium can be used for a variety of skin concerns, respiratory issue and muscular aches and pains, my favourite is the effect it has on the nervous system.

It can really help in balancing the mind especially during times of stress. It's a fabulous oil for 'ladies' at certain times of the month and it can also help with nervous tension.

Why not try incorporating geranium essential oil into your lifestyle. Either by applying it as a body oil, using it in the bath or even just in an oil burner.

I hope you can fall in love with geranium as much as I have,

Thanks so much for reading,


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