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The February Edit

Another month has gone by already and we're into February! Can you believe it?!?!?

Well, as it's the first of the month, I thought I'd share with you my monthly favourites...


This month is all about sleep and relationships. Two very important things that contribute to good skin health. If you want to learn more about what I've been talking about, then why not visit the blog and have a read of some of the latest posts I've been doing all about sleep health.

When it comes to skincare though, as we're still in the depths of Winter, we need to keep our skin hydrated and plump ready for when we come out of our little cocoons in the Spring.

If you haven't tried the Forll'ed Refining Lotion yet, I highly recommend it. You only need 5 drops twice a day onto cleansed skin and it can make a huge difference to the hydration levels.


Introducing a new award winning hair product to my clinic... let's all welcome GLOWWA hair food. They are incredible at helping your hair grow if you've found you've lost hair for whatever reason. I've been taking these for months now and I can't tell you how much my hair has grown!


So I guess this isn't a recipe as such. For quite some time now I've been using Simply Cook boxes for meals. I am a huge lover of cooking but sometimes during the week I can lack inspiration. I discovered Simply Cook online and have been using them ever since. You simply choose which recipes that you want each month and then just buy the fresh ingredients. You receive three little pots in each box (I have 4 boxes each month) which contain all the 'flavours' you need for that recipe.

Here is the quesadilla recipe I made which was absolutely delicious. It's a great way to get into cooking or just get some new inspo to try.

Get your first FREE box here now!


An oldie but a goodie. Have a listen to this super chilled song by Solange to help you chill out this Feb.


I'm back reading an old classic at the moment, 'The Rules of Wealth' by Richard Templar. It's putting me in the right mindset to start the year as I mean to go on.


As a lot of what I've been talking about recently is sleep, lavender is a classic ingredient that has so many uses, especially with inducing sleep. I love the smell of my Calm Botanical Essence with lavender, frankincense and eucalyptus to help me rest, relax and breathe better before bed.

I hope you had a lovely month back!

Thanks so much for reading,

Emmaline x


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