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Why hydration can be the best anti-ageing cure

I have client's coming into the clinic on a very regular basis telling me that they need to get a 'glow' to their skin. They want to treat fine lines and wrinkles and sometimes feel that they need something super 'advanced/active/harsh' to treat it and get rid of the wrinkles. Yes, you can go and have some laser zap your face, get electrocuted by some fan-dangled device, but sometimes treating fine lines doesn't have to be so excessive - or painful may I add!

When our skin is dehydrated everything can look dull, sallow and also less plump too. Just by hydrating our body and skin, we can easily treat fine lines on the face (and also everywhere else!).

By taking supplements to help hydrate our body from the inside we can make a huge difference to our health. This can include improved digestion, more energy, healthier complexion and better brain functioning (plus so many more).

By applying hydrating products to our skin we can also see a great difference too. One of the main ones is an improvement in fine lines and I can see this straight away just after one facial.

I love to hydrate the skin from within and also topically as it creates a 'sandwich effect' where the two can come together to create the most optimum results.

I thought I would include some of my favourite products I like to use to keep my skin and body hydrated on a daily basis. Which hopefully in turn will keep me feeling brighter, functioning better and looking younger too!


I mean, the clue is in the name right!?!? HYDRATION is made with bio-fermented coconut and cucumber water to really help hydrate the body. It's also a pre and probiotic to help maintain gut health and aid digestion.


As much as this is a wonderful antioxidant for the skin, one of the first things you might notice when you apply it is how plump your skin feels. As it contains hyaluronic acid and glycerine, it can really give your skin a wonderful 'drink' and help plump out those fine lines.


As much as Skinade is designed to help boost collagen production, it is also extremely hydrating. It can also teach your body to make it's own hyaluronic acid to really plump out fine lines. Along with the boost in collagen production, your skin will glow from within from taking this.


As much as this is one of my newer formulated products, it is also one of my favourites. It really helps to plump out the skin and leave it looking super radiant. It pairs beautifully with the Exfoliating Face Mask and can be used straight after it as a perfect combo treatment.

I really hope you found this useful and thank you so much for reading,

Lots of love,

Emmaline x


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