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Why you need to use this hair oil

I have been using a hair oil weekly now for a few years. I've always been somebody who likes to look after their hair as best as possible, but I am not somebody who has a regular haircut. I like to chop it all off once or twice a year for a change, but in between my hair cuts, I love it to grow.

The only thing when trying to grow your hair, is that if you don't have it cut regularly, it can look a little dry and damaged at the ends. This is one of the main reasons why I love to use my Pom Pom Pomade.


Pom Pom Pomade is a hair treatment oil which I formulated with high quality ingredients, designed to help nourish the hair, stimulate growth and soothe an irritated scalp.

I included oils such as jasmine, frangipani, watermelon seed and passion fruit (to name a few!).

It has a lightweight texture, that although is designed to be used as a hair oil treatment, it can also be applied after styling to soften the cuticle of the hair and help prevent breakage and split ends.


I love to use mine once (sometimes twice) a week. I simply brush my hair and then add around 6 to 8 pumps of oil to my palms. Then massage it into my hair and scalp ideally the night before I wash my hair. Then I tie my hair up in a silk scrunchie and go to sleep with it in. If you don't want to do an overnight treatment though, you can just leave it in for an hour or so.

Then I wash it as normal the following day. After I have dried it and styled it, I warm one drop of oil in my hands and just massage it into the ends of my hair. It might look a little oily to begin with, but because it soaks in easily, it just disappears into the hair.


It supports your scalp health and nourishes the hair shaft too. I find my hair is a lot glossier and less dry after using it too.

The essential oils really help to soothe an irritated scalp and as it's a light coloured oil, it shouldn't interfere with coloured hair either.

Do you do a regular hair treatment?

Why not give it a try and see if you notice the difference!

Thank so much for reading,

Lots of love,



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