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Use for


  • Use in face oils to help with mature skin. Blend with evening primrose, macadamia and rosehip oils
  • Blend with rosehip and lavender oil to help treat scarring


(blemishes, dry and mature complexions, scars, wounds, wrinkles)



  • Excellent in helping the respiratory system with problems such as asthma, bronchitis, coughs etc. Use in steam inhalations, massage oil blends applied to the chest and oil burners.


(asthma, bronchitis, catarrh, coughs, laryngitis)



  • Blend with lavender and chamomile to help with painful period cramps in a massage oil. Try evening primrose oil and macadamia oil
  • Make a bath blend with bath crystals, coconut oil and castor oil with frankincense to help with cystitis and leucorrhoea. You can also add lavender and tea tree to the blend


(cystitis, dysmenorrhoea, leucorrhoea, metrorrhagia)



  • Create a bath blend with bath crystals and frankincense to help with cold and flu symptoms. Add eucalyptus and lavender as well to enhance the effects
  • Blend a massage oil together with frankincense and apply to the chest area when suffering with cold and flu symptoms.
  • Use in steam inhalation to help soothe the immune system


(colds, flu)



  • Blends well with mandarin and lavender to create a calming blend. Add this to a bath soak, massage oil blend (with macadamia and coconut oil) or oil burner to relax the mind and help relieve stress 


(anxiety, nervous tension and stress-related conditions)



non-toxic, non-irritant, non-sensitizing

Frankincense Essential Oil

    • Frankincense is excellent to relax as it is a sedative.
    • Great in burners to help with relaxtion.
    • It is an expectorant and so is good with coughs and colds.
    • Also it is great to use in skincare, helping with dry and mature skin types. Maybe use it in a face oil with some rosehip and vitamin E oil blended
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