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SKINCARE: My Simple Skincare Routine

So over the years my skincare routine has changed so many times but in the last few years, it has been pretty simple.

Here I will share the basic routine that I have on a daily basis. Yes, sometimes it changes. Sometimes I breakout and my routine changes. I might add in some products and take others away, but on a 'normal' daily basis, this is what I'm using at the moment...

Morning Routine...

- Cleanse with the Cleansing Beauty Balm

- Apply a small amount of my eye cream around the eye area (avoiding the lids and edges of the eye)

- Warm 3 drops of the Viceroy & Grace face oil in my palms and press on my skin

- Apply a pea sized amount of The Face Cream to my face

- Then I put on my SPF 40 (un-tinted) and I really apply this everywhere - all over my face, neck and chest area

- Finally I apply the tinted SPF to my face and neck for some colour, or if I feel like I need a little 'extra' then I will put some foundation and makeup on. Then, I'm good to go...

Evening Routine...

Recently I have stripped it back a little bit. Mostly as I've been quite busy. I've also just launched the new Viceroy & Grace oil which has really transformed my skin so much. I started using this on it's own at night, more as a test than anything. I loved the results so much though, I now just use it by itself and maybe a little eye cream.

This is what I do...

- Cleanse with The Cleansing Beauty Balm (if i've been wearing makeup then I will do a double cleanse) and also do a mini face massage with the cleanser

- Apply a small amount of eye cream to my eye area

- Warm around 5 drops of the Viceroy & Grace Face Oil in my palms and then cup my nose with my hands. I love to do this and then breathe in all the oils - this stuff smells amazing! I then press it on my face, gently massage it in and I'm done! Ready for bed :) Any excess products I always massage into my neck and chest and also my cuticles.

What is your routine? Do you like to keep it simple, or do you prefer to layer your products on at night? Let me know!

Thanks so much for reading!

Emmaline x

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