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Your Basic Holiday Skincare Products

As it's that time of year again when everyone is jetting off for some sunshine, so I thought it was a great time to share some travel products that are great to pack in your case.

Not just any products either, but some fab ones that I offer in travel size (and great multi-taskers too) to help keep those Kg's down on the scales!


Did you know my Cleansing Duo come in travel sizes? The Cleansing Beauty Balm is perfect for travel as it could even be applied if you have a little sunburn on your shoulders for example. Due to the Lavender and Roman Chamomile essential oils which are incredibly soothing on the skin. It also contains shea butter which keeps the skin nourished and hydrated too.


This is perfect for travel. It can be applied twice a day to keep the skin hydrated. It contains hyaluronic acid as well to help hydrate the skin plus it's also got lots of aloe vera gel which is incredibly soothing - especially if you've had a bit too much sun! Plus all those rays can cause free radicals in the skin and the Vitamin C serum is a great antioxidant to protect it. Keep your serum in the fridge for an added benefit.


My face cream is brilliant, especially for a when you're in the sun. Its incredibly hydrating but also very lightweight so it doesn't feel greasy or heavy on the skin. Just what you need when you're in the heat.


Give me all the SPF's! I love to use my Nimue Sun-C SPF 40 when I travel and then apply either the Nimue tinted SPF or the SkinBetter Science ToneSmart compact over the top as a base for my makeup. They're both great for hot weather, light and not greasy and don't block your pores either. Contact me to purchase here


I love to take a plethora of face masks on holiday with me. One of the best is the Nimue Anti-Ageing Overnight Mask. You simply cleanse your face and apply this and nothing else. Then go to sleep and wash it off in the morning. It's basically like doing a facial in your sleep!

My Hydrating Face mask is also great to take away. You can apply it on your lips on the plane too so they don't go dry.

Finally, the Meder sheet masks are an absolute dream to take away as they're also so easy to use. They've even got ear loops so you don't have to do that weird "don't move your head thing" so they won't fall off.

Contact me to purchase Nimue, SkinBetter & Meder products


I totally understand people don't always take supplements on holiday, but The Beauty Chef's HYDRATION I would say is a must. It helps to restore your electrolytes in your body - which is great if you've been sweating. It also can help with cystitis relief which I know a lot of people can suffer with on holidays. I have stock still of the 200ml trial sizes which are just the right size for a holiday.

Well, I think you're all set with these products,

Thank you so much for reading and enjoy your jollies if you're going away.

Lots of love,

Emmaline x


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