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The Best Ways To Treat Hyperpigmentation

I get asked a lot about hyperpigmentation – those pesky dark spots and uneven patches – that can feel like an uphill battle. Whether it be clients asking in clinic or during online consultations or just reaching out via social media, it's a big skin concern to people. But with the right approach, you can achieve a clearer, more even complexion. Today I want to discuss effective treatments and why patience is your best friend.

Understanding Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation occurs when an excess of melanin, the pigment that gives skin its colour, forms deposits in the skin. It can result from sun damage, inflammation, or other skin injuries, including those related to acne vulgaris. This is what we call 'Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation' or PIH for short. PIH can also be the little red marks that remain after a pimple, because of the inflammation caused from the injury to the skin. This can also happen after some treatments that can cause trauma to the skin too such a deep peels, waxing, threading, needling etc.

It's also good to know that hyperpigmentation can be red or brown all depending on your skin colouring. This is not to get confused with 'redness' on the face, but it just doesn't mean it's always dark brown patches on the skin.

Freckles are also hyperpigmentation too FYI. So, as cute as they are, they are still a form of sun damage.

Why SPF is Non-Negotiable

Before we dive into treatments, let's talk prevention. Daily SPF use is critical. Not just any SPF – you need one that offers broad-spectrum protection. UV rays are a primary culprit behind hyperpigmentation, and without a good sunscreen, you’re essentially fighting a losing battle. Think of SPF as your skin’s bodyguard against further pigmentation.

My favourite is always the Nimue Sun-C SPF 40, but the SkinBetter ToneSmart is also a product I love to wear daily. SkinBetter also have the SPF 50 mineral stick too which is a mineral only sunscreen. It's a very different consistency, but would be great to use as a makeup primer if you like that smooth feel you get from them.

Finally, Revision do a lovely tinted SPF called Intellishade® TruPhysical SPF 45. This is more than just an SPF, it's a five in one, anti-ageing, daily moisturiser with over 20 age-defying, beneficial ingredients. It can help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and help lift and firm the skin. It also contains antioxidants to protect the skin from free radical damage. It can blur imperfections and brighten and even the skin tone. Finally, it enhances skin’s natural moisture barrier. So, it's your medical grade, daily face cream, SPF and tinted moisturiser all in one!

The Key to Treatment is to Go Slow

When treating hyperpigmentation, gentle and slow is the name of the game. Overzealous treatments can overstimulate your skin, leading to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which is exactly what we’re trying to avoid.

Always just double check with your therapist if they recommend a course of facials to treat pigmentation very close together. Overstimulating the skin can actually cause further post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and so we need to go slow. When I treat pigmentation, we're doing peels no closer than a month apart. Every week is far too often in my opinion.

Here’s how you can tackle those stubborn marks:

Medical Grade Products for Hyperpigmentation

- This product is a game-changer for hyperpigmentation. It improves the appearance of dark spots in as early as 8 weeks, with optimal results at 16 weeks.

Key Benefits:

- Dual technology targets both hyperpigmentation and inflammation.

- Hydroquinone-free, making it safe for long-term use with no photosensitivity.

- Ideal for all skin types, it decreases the appearance of uneven skin tone and diminishes dark spots.

- Featuring the b.r.y.t. complex, this serum offers a multi-action approach to hyperpigmentation without the use of hydroquinone or retinol.

Key Benefits:

- Improves the appearance of brown patches, sun damage, and discolouration.

- Patented complex fights pigment while supporting overall skin vitality.

- Brightens the skin and improves fine lines, wrinkles, and texture for a comprehensive skin improvement.

- This range includes six homecare products, each utilising the patented Diglucosyl Gallic Acid, which activates within the skin to combat hyperpigmentation.

Key Benefits:

- Superior fading of hyperpigmentation.

- Brightens skin and increases radiance with Cosmetic Drone technology.

- Prevents melanin transfer with Microencapsulated Vitamin C.

- Protects against UV-induced DNA damage and smooths out wrinkles.

The Importance of Patience and Lifestyle Changes

Treating hyperpigmentation isn’t an overnight process. It requires patience and consistent effort. Think of it as a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix. Incorporating these treatments into your daily routine and sticking with them is crucial. Remember, skin renews itself every 28 days, so visible improvements will take some time.

Hyperpigmentation can be a challenging skin issue, but with the right approach, it’s manageable. Incorporate high-quality, medical-grade products like those mentioned above, protect your skin with SPF, and approach treatments gently and patiently. Remember, achieving clear, even-toned skin is a marathon, not a sprint!

For personalised advice and a tailored skincare routine, consider booking an online consultation with me here.

I hope you have found this little guide useful,

Thank you so much for reading,



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