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APOTHECARY: Relaxing Body Massage Oil

I know it's really lovely to go for a massage and I try and treat myself each month (mainly as my back gets so bad from doing treatments), but sometimes we just don't always have the time. In those cases, why not treat your body to a massage yourself. I know it's not possible to massage your own back, but you can gently massage your legs, arms and stomach. Plus, when you use aromatherapy oils, they do penetrate into the skin and can help relax you (if you're using relaxing essential oils that is!). Then if you're really lucky, maybe your partner/friend/parent can do a massage on your back or shoulders for you. Either way, here is a nice and relaxing oil to apply to your body after a nice warm bath or shower. It's nourishing on your skin and also might help relax you before bedtime. Enjoy...

What you need:

Amber glass bottle (if you want to make less, then just half the ingredients)

35ml Coconut or Sweet Almond Oil

10 ml Vitamin E Oil

5ml Castor Oil

4 drops Frankincense Essential Oil

4 drops Mandarin Essential Oil

Simply blend all the oils together into the bottle and give them a good shake. Apply to your skin after a warm bath or shower. Use this as a massage oil by using long strokes over your arms and legs. Gently massage into your body spending a little extra time that you would normally. Concentrate on areas that are aching such as thighs, uppers arms and shoulders.

Thanks so much for reading,


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