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SKINCARE: Holiday Skin

Hooray! It's that time of year again - SUMMER! I love love love Summer. I adore the warmth, the long, light days and the beautiful sunshine. For most of us too it's holiday time.

When we're on holiday though, do we still need to do our full routine? I mean, is it really necessary? We're on holiday - is that not a holiday from everything? Well, I would say sorry no, not really! If anything it's time to do a little bit more!

Here are my tips for holiday skin, how to look after it whilst you're away and what to do when you come home...

1 - SPF obviously!

This is obviously the most important thing when we are on holiday (especially on a skiing or walking holiday too!) I love the Nimue SPF 40 as it is super protecting and also non comedogenic - so it doesn't block your pores! You want to keep reapplying the spf every 2-3 hours and if you have been in water as well. Don't be shy with the product either, you want at least a walnut size of the product for your face and neck. Make sure you always have it on everyday - and keep this habit going when you come home too!

2 - Go for the 'Hollywood Glamour' Look

This one might not be the best for the boys, but I always try and have the biggest hat on and massive sunnies! Protect your face, neck and chest from the sun by keeping that part of you in the shade. I like to glam it up by adding a slick of red lipstick - it helps me pull it off a bit better! ha ha!

For guys, make sure you have a good sized hat on - ideally one with a peak to protect your face and pop some cool shades on too.

3 - Moisturise

Your skin will get so dry in the heat - especially if you're sunbathing so make sure you are moisturising your face, neck, chest and also body. You don't want anything too heavy (especially if it's warm) but something like a light face cream at night and also maybe a face oil. Why not try my new Viceroy & Grace Face Oil to keep your skin hydrated at night. It contains lots of anti-inflammatory ingredients to help soothe your skin after all that sun, sea and chlorine. Also, keep your body moisturised too if you can. Invest in a good after sun to protect your skin and to also keep your tan going for as long as possible.

4 - Masks

I know it seems like a bit of a hassle, but we usually have extra time whilst we are on holiday. Here I have 2 options for you which I like to do whilst I'm away too. To keep your skin hydrated maybe apply the super hydrating mask once or twice while you're on holiday to keep your skin from drying out. Or, if you just don't want to hang about with a face mask on, why not try the overnight mask - super easy! Just cleanse your face and then apply this magical mask and go to sleep with it on! Sorry, now you have no excuse!

5 - Go Barefaced

If you can, wear as little makeup as possible whilst you're away. Especially when there is a lot of heat, I wouldn't recommend wearing a full face of makeup. As you're sat sunbathing, the makeup will just block your pores and give you breakouts. If the idea of being barefaced scares you too much, then try the Nimue Tinted SPF 40. This give a very light coverage, gives you a little bit of colour but won't clog up your pores. Then, if you must, a slick of lippy and maybe some mascara. Keep it as minimal as possible to give your skin a break - Trust me, it will thank you!

6 - Have a Post Holiday Facial

I always recommend clients to book in when they get back from their holiday more than having one before they go. After all that sun, your skin can look a little bit dry and dull. A facial just brings it back to life! Make sure you book your appointment before you go so you've got something nice to look forwards to when you come home.

Well, I hope that you've got some great tips to take away with you!

Thanks so much for reading,

Emmaline x

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