SKINCARE: The Importance Of Facials

With the launch of my new facial courses in the clinic, I wanted to do a post on how they can benefit you and your skin - and also save your pocket too!

I know there are probably quite a few people out there who don't always have facials on a regular basis or maybe even have not had one before. Well, I am here to tell you the importance of having facials and also regular ones at that.

Regular facials keep your skin glowing

I guess the main reason we want to have a facial is to maintain a healthy glow on our skin. As much as you can exfoliate and maybe pop a mask on at home, it's never the same as when you get a professional treatment done. A professional therapist can perform extractions properly without scarring the skin. They can also do treatments that are not available for you to do at home - such as peels and advanced masks. Plus, the 'full treatment' each month is great for keeping on top of exfoliating dead skin cells to give you that radiance back and then applying a professional treatment mask to treat any skin problems.

It makes you do it!

We all have good intentions to look after our skin and do a treatment every week, but it's not always possible. If you have facials booked in, it makes you keep to a schedule and will keep your skin in tip top condition. I'm sure we've all come out of a facial treatment saying "Yes, I'm going to do x,y and z every week for our skin" and then forget, run out of time or simply can&