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SKINCARE: What Are You Covering? Foundations, BB Creams and Tinted Moisturisers

I've had this conversation with quite a few clients last week. The question is, what are you covering? I find that quite a lot of ladies (me included) are wearing foundation all over their face everyday but not always sure why. I guess to some it is a barrier, almost like our warpaint if you will. The thing is though, when you are investing good money in skin care and facials it's a shame to cover all our hard work with layers of foundation and makeup.

When I ask clients what their main reason for coming for facials is, they usually say (other than to get a nice glow) that they want to be able to wear less makeup.

I think it's important for us to look at our skin in the mirror and decide what we like and what we dislike - what do we need to cover and what can we show off with pride. Usually what we really want to cover (redness around the nose, dark circles or pimples on the chin area) is only around 10% or less on our face. If this is the case then, why are we covering everywhere? I guess it's what we are trained to do growing up, but it is not always necessary.

Why not have a go at just covering what you need to cover and showcase the rest of your beauty! Try using a BB cream, tinted moisturiser or even better, the new Nimue Tinted SPF 40. Apply this all over your face and then just conceal the parts you need to. Maybe apply a tiny bit of foundation around any redness (if you have it that is) on your nose, a couple of strokes of under eye concealer and maybe a dot of concealer on any blemishes - I like to use a teeny tiny lip brush and dot concealer onto any pimples or blemishes to give my skin an all over natural finish. Add a tiny bit of blusher, mascara, lip balm and you're good to go!

You will be surprised how much fresher your skin looks and feels!

Thanks so much for reading! Why not share it with your friends, I would be so grateful :)

Have a great day

Emmaline x

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