INSPO: Progress Not Perfection

Why hello there!! Welcome to my new website!

I wanted to create a place of positivity and wellness and also link it all together with all the loves in my life. So, (drum roll please...) here it is! Welcome to!

I think I have one of those entrepreneurial style brains that just keep thinking about new ideas. As much as this is amazing, I found that all my ideas seems to be a bit scattered about with more instagram accounts than I could actually log into at any one time (true story!) plus so many websites to manage I was starting to feel a little bit overwhelmed. I wanted to create a place (again, another idea!) where everything could be together and you didn't have to switch between sites to buy different products all at the same time. Plus, if I was offering a discount you could go 'all out' and treat yourself to products from different ranges and get it all in one box!

I have transferred most of my blog posts from all my other websites to here and I will be slowly moving the rest over as time goes on... it's just rather time consuming and in the words of Seth Godin - who is my total idol when it comes to all things business "Waiting for perfect is never as smart as making progress". I therefore decided to 'ship' (another Seth Godin term) and share this little place with you all.