LIFESTYLE: My Top 5 Tips On How To Eat Healthy

So, firstly I would like to reinforce to you all that I am by no means a nutritionist (yet!) and so these tips are just things that I have learnt myself along the way. Let's get on with it...

There are quite a few people that I talk to who would love to eat 'healthier' but are just not too sure where to start. What is eating healthy all about? Eating 'healthy' is different to everybody. Everybody has different nutritional needs to everybody else. You should however, know if your diet is relatively good or bad.


Does that make sense? Ha ha! The first thing that you need to do ideally is to eat as many plant based foods as possible - and as natural as possible too. If a lot of the food that you're eating comes from a packet - pre or part cooked, then maybe look at learning to cook from scratch a bit more. Cut out pre-made sauces and learn to make your own.

Exceptions? If you're desperate, then pre chopped vegetables can come in handy when you're in a rush or feeling lazy. Don't know what to cook? No inspiration? Get a load of fresh mixed veggies, drizzle a small amount of olive over them with some freshly ground pepper and pop them in the oven. Super quick and easy - plus freshly made too. Serve on a bed of salad perhaps, a li