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SKINCARE: Do You Use A Makeup Primer? Then DON'T!

Makeup primers are everywhere at the moment. All the beauty bloggers rave about them and if you're not using one, it's like you're not doing your makeup properly!

So what's the deal with them? Why do we use them?

Makeup primers are designed to prep the skin before foundation. They usually contain a lot of silicones which create a smooth canvas by filling in any pores. They also can give a matt base to foundation as well. Sounds good right? Well, yes I guess... Kind of!

As I'm sure you're aware, I see quite a lot of clients and I can almost always tell if somebody is using a primer. So what do they do to the skin? Why should I not use them?

In my experience, primers that contain a lot of silicone really can irritate the skin. The whole face tends to be slightly bumpy and can have breakouts. What happens is the silicone tends to irritate the skin and causes a bit of redness. It can also make it rather dry and flaky. Finally, as it put a 'protective barrier' over the face, it can block pores as sebum and sweat can't escape easily. You could say it helps to 'lock in moisture', but unfortunately it locks in a lot of other things too.

I recommend avoiding primers to be honest, if you feel like you need something extra to keep your makeup lasting all day, do like I do and use a good SPF as a primer. For many years now I have been using the Nimue SPF 40 as a primer and my makeup lasts all day. It also means that I have a good sun protection on my skin everyday. It doesn't matter what time of the year it is, we ALWAYS need to have a sun protection on. Whether the sun is out or not, whether it's day or night, the UVA rays are always there and so we need to constantly protect our skin from them.

So, do you use a primer? Do you find you have breakouts a lot or dryness? Do you get red patches on your skin? If so, maybe it's time to give it up and treat yourself to a good SPF like the Nimue one.

You can buy the Nimue SPF 40 in the clinic for £36. Email me for details at

Thanks so much for reading,

Emmaline x

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