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SKINCARE: How to do a Weekly Facial at Home

So I know there is nothing that can beat a salon treatment really. This goes for most things, waxing, nails, spray tans etc. When it comes to facials though, it's great if you can maintain good skin in between treatments. Yes, it's kind of like cleaning before the cleaner comes, but a whole lot more necessary. I always try and remind my clients that even though a regular facial can be a nice treat, relaxing and also make your skin look great, it's also an investment. If you're spending money on a regular facial each month and some great skincare, it's good if you can try and maintain your skin in between treatments - to make it worth your while. So, here is what I recommend that you do once a week to keep your skin looking beautiful in between your facials...

The 'At Home' Facial Method

  • Firstly, try and pick a day that you can always stick to. Sunday nights are good because most of us are at home, but if you finish work early one night then maybe do it then. Just make sure you're not going to put any makeup on afterwards.

  • Start off by doing a double cleanse. This is basically washing your face twice, the first cleanse to remove the day's grime, makeup, oil etc an the second to do a deeper clean. If you use a toner, then this is the time to use it after cleansing.

  • When you have removed all the cleanser, then apply your exfoliator. You want to gently massage your face using your hands. You can knuckle over your cheeks and do lots of deep, lifting movements. Just make sure you are always lifting the skin upwards and never down. Gentle tapping is also very good all over the face and neck.

  • Then, get a nice warm flannel and press it over your face. Put the flannel back in the water, wring it out and then apply it to your face again. I like to do this around 3 or 4 times to really steam my skin (Just avoid this if you have any redness on your face). Then remove all traces of the product and pat your face dry.

  • Now you want to apply a good face mask. You can either use a pre made one or more of a 'biological' mask - in other words something made up from your kitchen cupboard. Egg white is very firming, honey is soothing an healing, yoghurt is a natural exfoliator as is pineapple. Also, an over ripe avocado can be very moisturising. You choose what you think will work best for your skin type. Leave it on for around 15-20 minutes and then wash off.

  • Finally, apply all your creams and serums to your face, neck and decollate. Try not to go straight to bed though afterwards as your pillow will absorb a lot of the product, so give it 30 - 60 minutes to soak in.

  • Then, make sure you keep your skin nice and clean. The usual things I always say - don't touch your face, put a clean pillowcase on etc.

I hope you give it a go yourself at home, thanks so much for reading.

Emmaline x

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