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APOTHECARY: Oil For Insect Bites

There are some pesky bugs out there! I'm not one who gets bitten very often, but even I have been munched on a few times in the recent weeks! I have decided to create a little oil blend though that will help with those nasty bites and take out the irritation. So, it's super simple and if you want, you can just apply some lavender essential oil directly too the bites (checking that you are not sensitive to the oil first perhaps with a patch test!). However, if you fancy a nicer blend try this...

What You Need:

1 x 10ml amber bottle with dropper

5 ml lavender essential oil

5 ml tea tree essential oil

  • Method:

  • Very simply mix the two essential oils together and give them a shake in the bottle. I would definitely patch test a drop or too first on your inner arm or behind your ear to check you are not sensitive to the oils.

  • To use, apply just one or two drops to the bite to help with itching and to kill any germs.

  • If you find you are too sensitive, then you could always try adding them to a carrier oil and then patch testing again. Use a simple oil such as coconut or sweet almond and then 2 drops of lavender, 2 drops of tea tree and a drop of chamomile - again, just add a drop or two to the affected area.

I hope you are somewhere beautiful when you are getting bitten - in the nicest possible way ha ha! You know, not just on your way to work on some stinky public transport! Let's hope you're sunning yourself by the beach instead - I however, have been getting bitten on my way to work :(

Thanks so much for reading,

Big love,

Em x

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