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SKINCARE: Let's Talk 'Pro Ageing' not 'Anti-Ageing'

After reading an article a couple of weeks ago, I was inspired to talk a little about 'Pro' Ageing. There is so much in the media nowadays about 'anti ageing' it can all be a little bit negative. The way the media portrays ageing as such a bad thing annoys me. Why do we have to be afraid of ageing, after all it is natural right?!?!

Let's look more into how we can age gracefully, not be so afraid of fine lines and wrinkles but instead focusing ourselves to have that 'inner glow' instead. All the botox in the world will not make your skin healthy, your eyes sparkle or your hair glow. Why not watch my latest video on what I like to promote in my clinic... Pro Ageing!

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Big love,

Em x

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