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LIFESTYLE: REALISTIC Ways To Get That Catwalk Look

It's now the end of fashion week in London and I thought it was a good time to have a quick chat about catwalk models - or maybe I should say celebs in general. How do they look so amazing? What is it that they do different to us? Well, here is what I like to call 'the golden triangle'


First off, I would say that the majority of them have a nutritionist on call at all times. These people are making their meals, snacks, watching what they eat all day and so they do not have a chance to falter - especially for fashion week!

There can be nothing more discouraging than hearing that a model lives off a diet of pizza and pastries. It's almost disheartening that they make so little effort to look so great. To be honest, from the research I've done, I think a lot of the Victoria's Secret models start their day off with either scrambled eggs and avocado or overnight oats (a favourite of Romee Strijd).

Lunch tends to be protein and salad and then protein and greens in the evenings too. Most do eat carbs as they need to for energy (they hit the gym a lot!) which tends to be brown rice and sweet potatoes. I'm sure the odd one can survive on a diet of pizza, burgers, prosecco and cigarettes, but let's be real people... they must feel like crap inside!


I would say a lot of models are in the gym most days for an hour or so. Some go every day or try and get some kind of workout. I know a big favourite with a lot of runway models is pilates. It's such an amazing workout to help strengthen the core and create that long and lean look.

Cardio is also a big one as they need to maintain a healthy (or in some cases not so healthy) weight plus using weights in their workouts too.

Yoga is also very popular with the likes of Stella Maxwell.

According to Stella for Byrdie, she says...

"I do a lot of yoga. Ashtanga, it's kind of like a flow. They play music. Yoga can seem like it's boring and kind of just like stretching, but once you get into the flow, it's really like a mental experience. You go through an hour of mentally thinking about how you're stretching your body into these positions, and—I don't know—I find it interesting how you walk out feeling completely different than how you walked in."


Finally, when it comes to a skincare routine, most models (and celebs alike) get a regular facial at least once a month. They will also be instructed how to look after their skin by their facialist as well how to keep their skin glowing. Many may also be gifted skincare products to keep their skin looking it's best too.

It's very important for them to be on a good skincare regime as having to wear a lot of makeup each day they can easily break out - especially when it's chaotic behind the scenes and makeup brushes are not cleaned properly. Plus travelling a lot can play havoc with skin.


Listen, it takes a hell of a lot of work to be a supermodel, especially for those of us with a full time job and kids to look after.

Here are my top tips about how to keep your lifestyle in check and get those supermodel looks...

  • Firstly, I would always recommend a meeting with a nutritionist to get allergy testing and hormone levels checked. Your diet can have such an impact on your skin, health and body and so it's good to know what might not be suiting you.

  • If you are struggling with bad skin or losing weight, maybe try cutting out the main culprits that can affect you. These are dairy, gluten, processed sugars and eggs.

  • Focus on a simple diet. Lots of plant based foods, less processed products and artificial ingredients.

  • Find a class that you enjoy doing such as pilates, yoga or HIT. If you can't get the time to go to the gym regularly, then do like I do and make your everyday chores into your workout. Always take the stairs and park your car a bit further away so you take a few extra steps.

  • I always like to say, if you fancy trying a new workout that you've not done before (e.g. pilates, yoga etc) then I would always recommend having a few private sessions first, just so you know what you're doing. That way, you have a better idea what the instructor is talking about and also there can be less chance of injury.

  • Use your phone to track your steps (if you don't have a fitbit/apple watch) and try and move at least 7,000 steps a day, or even 10,000 if you can!

  • When it comes to skincare, always properly cleanse your skin before bedtime, avoid face wipes and harsh face washes.

  • Aim to have a facial every 4-6 weeks (whether that be in a clinic or just doing it yourself at home - why not have a read of this post)

  • Meet with a facialist/skincare expert to get the best advice for your skin and recommendations for products too.

Finally, don't put too much pressure on yourself. As time goes on, we are becoming more and more aware of how fake the online world can be. With photo airbrushing and constant editing on top of editing, remember, all is not always as it seems!

Thanks so much for reading,


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