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My Simple Mind Detox

Monday I spoke about how I like to detox my body in a real simple way. Basically cutting out any junk and just eating a simple, plant based diet.

Today though, I want to talk about detoxing my mind!

Sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming in that head of ours. Here's what I like to do when I feel like it's all getting a bit too much...


Firstly, I try and wake up around 15 minutes earlier than I need to. In this time I lay in my bed and do some simple meditation. This usually involves me resting my hands on my tummy and chest and feeling my breath. I then usually do a bit of reiki too at the same time. Then, if I can I will do it again before bed.


I am that list person! I love making lists and I am so obsessed with them that I will add chores to the list I have already done... you know, so I can tick them off!

Why not take it to another level and download Trello. It's a list making app that gets you organised on a whole other level. It stops that constant conversation with yourself of "I must not forget to..."


It's the simplest and yet one of the hardest, put that phone down! It can be so tempting to look at it, check those little red circles on your apps saying "check me, check me!"

I heard a great tip from Tai Lopez the other week, which was to turn off ALL your notifications (except texts and calls obviously!). Then, YOU choose when to check your apps and emails. It sounds a bit dramatic, but when your head is all over the place, sometimes it just helps to take the pressure off.


This app has changed my email life forever! I love to sign up for newsletters and subscriptions to learn about things I'm interested in, but sometimes I just can't be bothered to actually read them. They come through at all different times in the day and I am just too busy to sit down and read each one. This is where Unroll me comes in. It takes all my emails and organises them so I can scroll through all my subscriptions whenever I am ready to do so. I like to do this in the morning. I sit and read through them all from the previous day and it works perfectly for me. Plus, it stops me reading about junk on social media/newspaper apps etc.


I love to go for walks with my husband after dinner. It's a time where we can just get some fresh air, have a chat about random things and not be disturbed by anything like the TV or mobile phones. The fresh air is great for your body, the exercise is always a bonus and the quality time with my hubby is priceless.


Whatever is bothering you, just get it out. If you feel like you don't have much mental clarity from all the 'fog' up there, then get everything down on paper. Too scared to write it down? Say it out loud to yourself in the mirror. Don't ever hold on to negativity, it just eats you up and starts to really hurt you too.


Sometimes when I'm super busy at work, as much as the client space is super tidy, my personal space might not be. In fact (as much as you might not believe me!) it can look like a bombsight! This then stresses me out beyond belief. Anybody who has been to my clinic knows how I like everything in it's place... labelled... in alphabetical order. If you find that your space is a bit chaotic, take some time out and give it a good tidy. I promise you will feel better after it.


This might sound a bit deep, but sometimes it's time to let go of what no longer serves you. Whether it be a relationship with a friend, lover or even a material item. If it doesn't make you feel happy, it's time to let it go.

I hope these steps can help you to bring some mental clarity to your life

Thanks so much for reading,


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