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#PressForProgress for International Women's day

So this year the theme for International Women's Day is #PressForProgress. It couldn't come at a better time too with the #metoo campaign making so much impact. This is where women all over the world are standing up against sexual harassment in the workplace.

On the International Women's day website you can sign up and choose an area to concentrate on. Obviously it's great if you can focus on them all, but I personally have chose to 'challenge stereotypes and bias'. This involves me doing the following...

  • question assumptions about women

  • challenge statements that limit women

  • always use inclusive language

  • work to remove barriers to women's progress

  • buy from retailers who position women in positive ways

I like to see myself as woman who really believes in equality for men and women all over the world. This involves all places of work and social areas too. Therefore, I will be doing my bit this year to really focus on standing for women as much as possible. I will also do my best to follow all the points made above.

What will you be doing for International Women's Day? Unfortunately, this is not something just one of us can do. It involves all of us supporting each other to get to a place we should have been many, many years ago!

If you wish to check out the website, please click here.

Thanks so much for reading


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