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All your travel essentials

Summer is officially here (well, the British version anyway!) and so if you're tempted to travel in the UK or abroad, you will most definitely need some travel essentials.

Here are my top products to take away with me. Some I only use when I travel, some I just keep in my handbag at all times...



Where would we be without Skinade? Just one drink a day can really help boost collagen production, but did you know it's great for travel as well?

With it being so anti-inflammatory, it's great to help with that dreaded sunburn. The omegas can really hydrate and soothe dry, irritated skin too.

The B-vitamins can help prevent insect bites (I've even had clients vouch for this!) and as it's super hydrating, it can be amazing for those hangovers when you might have been tempted with one too many aperols.


A healthy immune system is so important right now and that is why I always have a Well Spray in my bag. Yes it full of probiotics for gut and immune health, but it also contains selenium for an added boost to your immunity. Also, the peppermint and sage extract is great to freshen breath and help with skin health.



Did you know all of the Emmaline Tsui Skincare is available in travel sizes? All your favourites you can now buy in mini sizes which are perfect for travel.


This serum is ideal for travel because of the soothing aloe and also hydrating properties in the hyaluronic acid and glycerine. Just what you need after a day of walking or sunning it by the pool.


The most moisturising sun protection I've ever come across. This is a product I wear every single day, no matter what the weather. Of course it is available in a travel size as well so you don't need to take a big tube if you're just nipping off for a long weekend.


Finally, if you are sunning yourself by a pool or having a dip, my Pom Pom Pomade is just what your hair will need to help prevent and dryness and damage that can occur from being in the pool and sun. It's super nourishing and will keep your hair glossy and shiny throughout your holiday. Simply apply it to your hair before bed and wash it out in the morning (or even have it in your hair whilst you're by the pool, so it can be lovely and soft for your evening out)

If you are travelling, have a lovely break. I will be thinking of you.

Thank you so much for reading,

Emmaline xx


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