LITTLE GEMS: Put down the knife and pick up a spoon - This is a week of bowl food! Plus, eating at S

Hi! Welcome to this week's blog. I say this week but I really mean last week! I've been trying to take some time out from blogging so much on my days off. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming and then I just need a mini break. I got one this weekend and now feel nice and refreshed again! :)

I've not been feeling 100% this week, so I've not really been out that much. It's more of a cooking at home week really. Anyhoo, I will show you what I got up to in any case. Have you been watching my Insta stories on @foodlifeandem? I've been trying to put up my cooking videos and showing you what I've been eating in a day, go check it out if you get time :) Here are my foodie adventures this week...

Lunchtime Salad

Rocket and Cous Cous with Avocado, Coleslaw and Falafels

As you can see I made this quite a few times last week! I bought enough to last me for around 4 lunches and it tasted so so good.