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FAQ: "Are 'Expensive' Products Worth It?"

Other versions of this question I get asked are...

"Is it good because it's expensive?"

"It's only cheap, will it work?"

"Why are some products so expensive?"

Well this is one of those 'How long is a piece of string?' type questions.

After working in this industry for so long and with the introduction of social media, I totally understand it's an absolute minefield out there. So many products being pushed onto us by so many people. Who can you trust? Who's getting paid? etc etc.

When it comes to skincare, price does not always reflect on how effective a product is. It's also good to note that what works for one person might also not work for someone else too. So what should we be looking for?

Medical grade skincare tends to me more expensive (most of the time anyway). Due to the research that goes into it, the quality of ingredients, the formulations and also sometimes the purchase of patents means that the cost of the product goes up substantially.

SkinBetter Science for example has created a patented retinol molecule that is as tolerable as retinyl palmitate (the most gentle form of retinol) and yet is as active as tretinoin (the most active form of retinol) called AlphaRet.

Forlle'd has created a patented hyaluronic acid molecule that is only five nanometers in size. This compared to normal hyaluronic acid molecules (which can be up to twenty thousand nanometers in size) is why Forlle'd is so effective. They have called it Hyalogy.

Nimue Skin Technology has up to eleven different delivery systems to help the products penetrate into the skin including polarised water, encapsulated vitamins and nano spheres (just to name a few). I would go as far to say there are pretty much no other skincare brands on the market with this number of delivery systems and technology.

All these patents and formulations can be quite expensive and therefore has to trickle down to the cost of the product.


Try and avoid buzzwords such as 'clean beauty' for example and instead focus on the two things I think are most important in skincare...

  • High quality, medical grade ingredients

  • Well formulated products

Look for ingredients that are active and can make a real difference on the skin. I stock Forlle'd, SkinBetter Science and Nimue Skin Technology which in my opinion are very high quality and well formulated medical grade products. Some do have a higher price point, but the results really do justify the price.

So no, not all expensive products are necessarily better. There are definitely brands out there that have a high price point and don't offer great results. If you wish to learn more about medical grade skincare and want t introduce some more advanced products, then book in for a skin consultation with me here. Great skincare doesn't have to be expensive and prices start from as little as £24.

Try not to get sucked into a skincare vortex on social media and don't forget, brands are paying influencers to sell their products to their audiences. I understand it can be overwhelming with lots of buzzwords being thrown around.

If in doubt, book in a skin consultation with me or drop me a DM and we can have a good chat about what I think would be best for your skin type.

Thank you so much for reading,

Emmaline x


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