So I will start off by saying I am feeling a tad overwhelmed and also bombarded with everything I am reading about health. Is this just me? One day coconut oil is good for you and one day I read it will give you a heart attack. One day everybody should use agarve and another it's worse than sugar! Plus, don't get me started on some newspaper articles that I see about how to lose weight - some of them are ridiculous right?!?!? Plus who reads these articles and thinks that living solely on baked beans or apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper is good for us?? Oh god! I am starting to get fed up!

Healthy living is simple, like really, really simple guys! Here are my top tips for an 'healthy' lifestyle without all the weirdo things that stress us out...


If you hate greens, then put them in a smoothie or juice. Spinach is great in a smoothie as although you can see it, you can't taste it.

If you love greens though, eat more! Always eat more! They are packed full of nutrients and are so so good for us. Make sure you get organic where you can too as all those nasty pesticides can zapp all the nutrition out of them... and fill us up with chemicals!


This is a major factor in heart attacks and cancers. It's pretty straightforward, cut it back or cut it out if you can. If you decide to continue with red meat, always go for grass fed and organic (yes it's more expensive, but firstly this is your health we are talking about and secondly if you're cutting back, you can afford to spend a bit more when you do eat it!)