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So I will start off by saying I am feeling a tad overwhelmed and also bombarded with everything I am reading about health. Is this just me? One day coconut oil is good for you and one day I read it will give you a heart attack. One day everybody should use agarve and another it's worse than sugar! Plus, don't get me started on some newspaper articles that I see about how to lose weight - some of them are ridiculous right?!?!? Plus who reads these articles and thinks that living solely on baked beans or apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper is good for us?? Oh god! I am starting to get fed up!

Healthy living is simple, like really, really simple guys! Here are my top tips for an 'healthy' lifestyle without all the weirdo things that stress us out...


If you hate greens, then put them in a smoothie or juice. Spinach is great in a smoothie as although you can see it, you can't taste it.

If you love greens though, eat more! Always eat more! They are packed full of nutrients and are so so good for us. Make sure you get organic where you can too as all those nasty pesticides can zapp all the nutrition out of them... and fill us up with chemicals!


This is a major factor in heart attacks and cancers. It's pretty straightforward, cut it back or cut it out if you can. If you decide to continue with red meat, always go for grass fed and organic (yes it's more expensive, but firstly this is your health we are talking about and secondly if you're cutting back, you can afford to spend a bit more when you do eat it!)


I know fish is good for our healthy fats, but farmed fish is really not. Pieces of farmed salmon has been shown to contain high levels of toxic chemicals including ones that have been linked to cancer. Still want to eat fish? Make sure you always buy wild instead of farmed to ensure you're getting better value from it.


We are always told to eat our veggies and fruit, but there is a big thing about how fruit is actually bad for us and can contain lots of sugars - especially juices. Don't have a fear of fruit, a piece a day is not bad for you and just make sure you are getting around 5-8 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. That doesn't mean 8 bananas and it doesn't include a packet of sweets that say '1 of your 5 a day!". It means fresh fruits and veggies that have not been messed about with so much they turn into a fruit pastel!


I love this saying, but it's so true! Be conscious that everything you're eating comes from something that has not be played around with too much. Try and cook your meals fresh and not out of a packet. If you are short on time (I need to have my dinner cooked within 10 minutes ideally as I finish work so late!) then batch cook meals and pop them in the freezer. In the morning just get it out (or the night before if you're going to leave it in the fridge to defrost) and dinner is practically ready by the time you get home. Avoid any meals straight from a packet, the amount of crap they contain is frightening!


Yes more! If you have a lot of coffee or tea, try and cut back and swap a cup for some water instead. Add some berries or lemon if you like for flavour - just drink more!


There are days when we just want to eat junk. I know, I do too! I always have a rule though, takeaways in our house are always freshly made. Hand made sourdough pizzas with fresh ingredients. Fish and chips? Sure, it's freshly cooked and at the end of the day it's potatoes, fish, flour and water (just avoid the chemically stuff like curry sauces and gravy). Always try and get takeaway food as fresh as possible and you don't have to feel so bad - Use your common sense, we all know what processed junk looks like surely!


Yes, 30 minutes of cardio a day is good, but if you can't fit it in, then do what you can. Go for a walk after dinner, ride a bike to work, park your car further way so you have to walk more and always ALWAYS take the stairs!

If you have the time to visit a class or the gym, do so and do what makes you happy! I will be honest and say I hate the gym, I don't like anything about it. It's generally sweaty and stinky, I have to fight for a machine and then when I get it I don't enjoy it! Yoga and pilates though, now you're talking! I can do that all day and not get sick of it. Do what YOU enjoy. Like walking? Go for walks daily. Like dancing? Do regular zumba classes. Just get that body moving and you will feel so much better.


This does not mean chanting 'OMMMM' at the top of your lungs, in fact I shouldn't call it 'meditating' at all. It sounds too... hippie. Unless you like 'hippie' and then go for your life! I will say 'daydream', yes daydreaming is good. It's basically where you can get in that place in your head where you sit quiet and focus on something. Sometimes I lay in bed and daydream, other times I focus on my breath. Either way, find some time in your day to sit quiet and not be doing anything. Just 'being'.


Finally, just be conscious of your body and how it feels. If you find you are better without gluten in your diet then cut it out. Most people can not digest dairy very well, but if you wish to eat it, make sure it's grass fed and organic. See how your body is after milk or cream. Feel a bit sickly, maybe it doesn't suit your body.

If you eat something and you think it doesn't suit you, don't have it. Just don't eat something because it's 'healthy'. If you don't feel good from having it, then don't have it!

I hope this all makes a bit of sense, I'm just getting a bit fed up of all this rubbish I keep hearing and I thought I would share with you how I like to live a balanced :)

If you have any questions you would like me to answer, why not send them to me via the 'ask page' here.

Thanks so much for reading,

Big love,

Em x


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