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How Your Cycle Affects Your Skin

When it comes to our skin, there are a lot of factors that can have an impact. One of the biggest factors that can change our skin is our hormones and when I say hormones, I mean our monthly cycle (well for us ladies anyways!).

So here for you (in simple terms) is what happens to our hormones throughout our cycle and also how this impacts your skin...


The first day of your period is classed as the first day of your cycle. This is when our progesterone (the hormone that makes our skin oily) and oestrogen (the one that makes our skin glow) are at their lowest. At this time our skin can be on the drier side and it might also look a little dull.

SKIN TIP: This is a great time to treat yourself to a facial - either in a clinic or just doing one yourself at home.

To treat yourself at home, begin by using the Emmaline Tsui Double Cleanse and then follow with The Exfoliating Face Mask. After you have masked, apply the Vitamin C Face Serum and then The Face Cream. This should help to hydrate your skin and give it a lovely glow. Perfect base for foundation the next morning.


This is when our oestrogen levels begin to rise at the end of our period. This will help to boost collagen which makes our skin look lovely and plump. By now any pimples should have healed and our skin is beginning to get a lot stronger and start to glow.

SKIN TIP: Great time to have hair removal and facials with extractions as your skin can feel less pain during this time.


When your skin is in tip top form. Oestrogen levels are high and your collagen levels peak too. This is when you get that 'ovulation glow' which can make your skin look lovely, dewy and plump.

SKIN TIP: Best time of the month for selfies, booking big nights out and looking your best. If you need a passport picture, now is the time to do it!


Eugh! Most of us dislike this time of the month for our skin. This is when we can get a rise in progesterone leading to breakouts. As progesterone increases our oil production, we can easily get pimples and spots around the lower part of our face.

We can also start with PMS around this time too. As much as PMS doesn't necessarily cause breakouts, we can feel a bit tired, grumpy and lethargic which can tempt us into eating food and drinks that don't serve us so well (think chocolate, takeaways, fizzy drinks etc.). These will have a negative impact on our gut health which in turn can cause breakouts.

SKIN TIP: Prevention is better than cure! Ensure you exfoliate twice this week to keep your pores clean (less chance of pimples that way!) and start your days off right with a smoothie. Greens are some of the best foods for PMS (even if all we want is ice cream for breakfast!). When we have a good start to the day, we are less likely to make bad choices for lunch, afternoon snacks and even dinner! So start as you mean to go on and try this tasty smoothie to get some goodness into your body!

I hope you found this helpful,

Thanks so much for reading,



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