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LITTLE GEMS: Drinking Herbal Teas & Smoothies plus Eating Out at Eat Kaizen, The Garden, Hispi,

So I actually don't know where last week has gone! I've just looked through all the pictures and can't believe how busy I've been. I think there is a theme running through this weeks post... Drinks! I've gone smoothie, herbal tea and coffee crazy ha ha! Here's my week in food...

Protein pancakes from Eat Kaizen & an Early Grey Tea

I started as I meant to go on this week, I got these protein pancakes from Eat Kaizen. I've not had breakfast from here before and they were quite nice. My only moan is that firstly they didn't do gluten free pancakes (so they were quite heavy) and secondly the options for pancakes were not so great. I wanted all of them together in one plate ha ha! I had the banana pancakes with almond butter and asked for some blueberries extra. Could have done with some maple syrup too but didn't want to be too 'diva-ish' asking for everything ha ha!

Paneer Tikka and Tabbouleh Salad at Zouk

Had a lovely second Eid meal for my in-laws on Monday at Zouk in Manchester. Paneer was sooo good - My naughty treat last week (well, let's just say a first of many! Oooops!)

When you leave your cat alone with your phone for a minute and he takes his own selfie!

Overnight Oat & Chia Pudding with 'all the trimmings'

Getting a little bit obsessed with these! So tasty and refreshing too. Great way to start the day!

Buckwheat Pasta with Grilled Artichokes & Fine Beans

This was DELICIOUS! I was so excited to try this pasta and it tasted so good. It's got a slight nutty flavour and it worked so well with my purple basil dressing!

Same again! Overnight Oat & Chia Pud

Green Skin Smoothie

Working on a new delicious recipe for a green smoothie. I think I've finally finished it and I'm excited to share it with you. It's my new breakfast for the next few weeks - This is designed to keep you full till lunch and do wonders for your skin and health. Recipe coming very soon!

Costa Selfie

Had waaaay too many coffees last week! I've managed to rack a total up of 3 plus a frappe!! Detox this week for me I think - oh dear!!

Beautiful Green Flowering Tea

New herbal tea obsessions!

Breakfast Smoothie with Chia Seeds, Almond Butter, Oats, ANP Probiotics, Frozen Fruit & Water - Super yummy!

The Garden Hale's Aphrodite bowl with avo instead of sundried tomatoes (I can't stand the squidge!) with extra halloumi

Sweet Potato Jacket with Thai Green Curry

No! I wasn't that greedy ha ha! I met my lovely friend Laura for a quick lunch on Friday before I carried on working at the clinic - making lots of lotions and potions!

Hispi Didsbury - Sourdough Bread

We went for a tasty meal on Friday to Hispi in Didsbury. I adore this restaurant so so much and the food is incredible. I think the food here could be my fav of all time for fine dining! It looks beautiful, tastes incredible and the portion sizes are pretty big for this kind of food.

Roasted cauliflower, butterbean mash, green chilli and salted lemon dressing & Braised featherblade, mustard leaf, pickled walnut, truffle and parmesan chips

This is delicious! I had it last time too and it was just as good. Amazing veggie option!

Steamed hispi, Romesco sauce

Smoked Pineapple and Coconut Sorbet & Banana loaf, caramel ice cream, peanut ‘crack

This wasn't on the menu, but I had it last time and they said they would make it again as I can't eat dairy. This pineapple though... There are no words! Pineapple should always be smoked, it is absolute heaven!!

Green Breakfast Smoothie

The 'final draft'. This is it and I think it tastes pretty yummy too!

Arancini Balls and Parmesan and Truffle Chips from Hispi

Pit stop on Saturday at Manchester International Festival. Had a good mooch about at Albert Square. So much going on there! Did you visit?

Lemon Meringue Tart | San Carlo Cicchetti in Selfridges

Second pit stop of the day at San Carlo in Selfridges for a coffee (or fresh lime soda in my case!) and some cake for hubs :)

The Con Club Altrincham (from left to right) - Salmon roll - wasabi yuzu cream cheese, avocado, pomegranate teriyaki, Spicy soft shell crab roll, mango, cucumber, spicy Thai mayonnaise, Summer greens and Dragon roll - tempura king prawns, smoked eel and a fresh lime soda!

Dinner on Saturday with my Mamma at The Con Club in Altrincham. This is the BEST place for sushi in Altrincham and possibly even Manchester (bold staement I know!) Throughly enjoyed this meal so much. You have to check this place out if you've not been before, the sushi is amazing!

Loving my new herbal tea cup with a tea strainer inside! Needed a cup of tea after all that sushi so had an Earl Grey when I got home

Roasted Pepper and Potato Omelette on Sourdough Toast

I always need something that can fill me up till lunch and beyond on a Sunday as I don't tend to get a break all day. This was perfect! Lasted me till noon!

Oh and I got a cup for work too... Just because right ha ha! Lovely refreshing peppermint tea to start my work day

The Tsui Wellness Smoothie

Mid-afternoon smoothie snack at the clinic on Sunday to keep me going through the afternoon


Late lunch for me at Wagamama in the Trafford Centre. Not eaten here in ages as last time the food was pretty pants! However, it was pretty quiet in there, I was starving and therefore it tasted great!

Pad Thai with Prawns & Tofu at Wagamama

Dee Thai Hale Village

Then after all that eating, I went to Dee Thai in Hale village for a lovely Birthday meal with the family. Had such a lovely time with all the girlies! Food was nice too - the have a mega choice for vegetarians! Thanks for the treat Sessy!

Selfie Time!

Happy Birthday Seher! (Loving Yasmin's photobomb here ha ha!)

And then that was that! I was most definitely off to bed after that week of indulging! How was your week? Did you have a nice one?

Thanks so much for reading,

Big love,

Em x


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