This One Tip Can Turn Something You Hate Into Something You Love

There are times in our lives when we can't wait to do something. Maybe it's go on holiday? Maybe it's a night out with friends or even a night in by yourself (the older I get, the more I love a night in!). Sometimes though, there are just things that we don't want to do. They might even be things that we loathe but have to do.

It could be any of the following things...

  • Going to work

  • Flying by yourself

  • Being treated in hospital

  • Moving away from your home

  • A long car journey and so on...

Now, I know some people enjoy being by themselves and travelling etc, but some do not. So, after a little inspiring chit chat with a girl friend today, I thought I would share how I do things I don't always want to do.


"What? But I hate (insert chore/job/task etc here)!"

If you hate your job and for whatever reason you can't change it, make it fun. Whether it be treating yourself to your favourite coffee on your way in, making a super healthy lunch that you enjoy or wearing an item of clothing that makes you feel good. Do something that gets you looking forwards to go in!

For me, I used to hate having nights in alone, almost dread it in fact! Now, I LOVE it! I always make a plan to cook myself my f