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Why I Stopped Wearing So Much Makeup

From the age of 11 I have been obsessed with makeup. The branding, the packaging, how it made me feel so grown up... I was a full on addict!

I've tried it all! Powders, liquids, compacts... you name it, I spent my hard earned money on it. What can I say... I was a makeup junkie!

This 'addiction' has grown up with me and for the last 20 or so years I have worn foundation pretty much every day. I began to reduce it a few years ago because I hated the faff of wearing makeup in a yoga class or on a day off, but without fail, if I was in work I ALWAYS had a 'full face' on.

Then after a while of speaking to clients who wanted to reduce the amount of makeup they wore, I thought it would be good for me to try to do it too. After all, I should practice what I preach right?


Everybody for years has seen me with this face of makeup. What if I don't look smart enough? What if people think I look tired? Maybe they might think I have not made enough effort.

Have you ever felt like that? Does the thought of not wearing foundation scare you a bit? Well have not fear... Nimue is here!

I decided to brave it the other week. I applied all my skincare products, then my Nimue tinted SPF, under eye concealer and a little cheek tint... it felt great! My skin feels lighter and with all this warm weather I don't feel like my pores are getting clogged with powders, creams and makeup in general. Plus clients have said how good my skin looks! Happy Days!

Why not give it a go? You'd be amazed with how different you feel. Have blemishes? Areas of concern? That's what your concealer is for. Simply just apply a little concealer where you need it and let the rest of your beautiful skin shine through!

I hope you have a try over the Summer when our skin benefits so much from wearing less makeup.

Thanks so much for reading,


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