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EATING OUT: Randall & Aubin | Manchester

So, Friday night was date night for hubs and I. I've been so excited to check out this restaurant, that I thought I had to take some pics for you all!

It's kind of a 'fancy' restaurant. Maybe because it was a Friday night but everybody was dressed smart and I put my heels on for the occasion too!

I love the decor, it's a bit art deco style, quite a relaxed atmosphere but still smart enough just to go for drinks too.

I have to mention that this place was absolutely heaving with people! There was a split second when the two tables next to us came free, but then they were gone again in the blink of an eye!

Plus they have a disco ball!! A DISCO BALL for God's sake! How cool is that! ha ha!

Anyway, let's get on to food... You can check the menu out here

Selection of artisan bread with dipping sauce

Bread basket because... well because I bloody love bread! Unfortunately not warm, but still lovely all the same. Served it good old fashioned butter and a garlic and anchovy dip! Quite nice actually, tasted a bit like hummus!

R&A crab cakes with lime mayonnaise, watercress & radish salad

These were really yummy! Super crunchy on the outside and lovely crabmeat on the inside. This place specialises in seafood I think as there was so much of it on the menu. It tasted pretty fresh as well! Would definately have these again!

R&A Lobster Po Boy deep fried lobster in a brioche sandwich, with coleslaw, cocktail sauce & French fries

This seemed to go down well with hubs. I had a bite and it was quite nice. Pretty simple to be honest, coleslaw can be a bit overpowering though in a sandwich sometimes I find. You know, when all you can taste is coleslaw! Maybe I had a bite in the wrong place. He seemed to enjoy it though!

Garlic roasted large Mediterranean prawns with pommes frites

So this was my option. I asked for the prawns with the shells on because I prefer them that way (it's the Chinese in me, what can I say).

They tasted really lovely and fresh, however I couldn't understand the chips with them. I think my problem is that when I usually have prawns like this, they're in a Chinese restaurant and there are a hell of a lot more of them and I eat them with rice. For me, the chips didn't go with them, but then again I'm not sure what would. Maybe a crispy salad instead? I don't know. They were tasty though all the same.

Check out the dessert menu here

Flambée Crème Brûlée

This was hub's choice. For those of you that know me, know I can't do dairy anymore :( plus I was kind of full so he could indulge all by himself!

For those interested, there were a good, few, sharp taps with the spoon to get through the toffee on the top - just how it should be.

So overall we had a lovely evening. Would I go back? Yes, probably. I would say it is not vegan friendly, or veggie friendly for that matter. I think there's only one dish on the menu that is vegetarian and it's a goat's cheese salad. Hmmm... not great really. However, for you fish and seafood lovers it's a nice place to eat. Slightly expensive but I guess you are not just paying for the food but the environment too.

The service was great (our waiter was really friendly and helpful) and the venue was really lovely (I love me a bit of art deco - a la Gusto on Deansgate).

Have you been to Randall and Aubin? What did you think? Let me know your thoughts!

Thanks so much for reading,

Big love,

Em x


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