Skincare for men

Personally I feel that all skincare really is unisex. I think it always has been too, but unfortunately it was always marketed towards women so much that a lot of men felt that it wasn't a 'manly' thing to use.

Fast forward however many years and now the men's skincare industry is thriving. From multi-use cleansers right through to men's makeup lines - a la A Rod!

I've been treating men in my clinic since the very beginning and now see products that are really formulated and targeted towards men. Whether that be either through branding and marketing to actually treating men's specific needs - such as ingrown hairs from shaving and also an oiler complexion.

Here are some of my favourite skincare products that can really help male skin concerns and offer multi-uses as well.


Nimue launched a full men's range many years ago now and the majority of my male clients really enjoy using it too.