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The ONLY Face Wipes I Recommend

Years ago I remember I did a video of me basically ranting off to the camera about how much I hate face wipes. For those of you who watched it, probably saw a different side to me... I was mad!

Face wipes are possibly one of the worst ways to cleanse your face and I still pretty much stand by that video to this day. Face wipes do not cleanse the skin really at all. They spread makeup, dirt and grime around the face and tend to contain so many drying and face stripping ingredients, I would actually prefer you to go to sleep with your makeup on... okay, maybe I take that back... but please don't use them!

So hang on, I hear you ask, why are you recommending me to use face wipes then? These face wipes are a whole different kettle of fish... of wipe in a packet if you will. These are at home peel pads and they are going to change your life I hope, like they changed mine.

I came across the brand SkinBetter Science this year and completely fell in love with their AlphaRet range. In short, it's an incredibly tolerable form of retinol that is suitable for all skin types. I'm not usually a fan of strong retinols because of the retinoid reaction that you can get, but with AlphaRet you don't have that problem.

I then discovered the AlphaRet peel that I offer in the clinic as a professional treatment. I was absolutely blown away by it the first time I did it and have been ever since. Then I discovered the AlphaRet Peel Pads... absolute game changer!

This little box of thirty pre-wrapped pads gives the effect of a gentle peel at home. They do have a tingle when you use them, but the results are spectacular. Albeit a higher price point, they are totally worth the money in my opinion and if you're only using them once or twice a week, they will last up to.. well thirty weeks!

Simply cleanse your face as normal and then use one wipe all over the face, neck (and if there's any product left) your chest too and leave it on. Then give it a couple of minutes before following with your skincare. I love to layer my AlphaRet overnight cream and EyeMax AlphaRet eye cream here as well for the best results, but they will still show a great result with your normal skincare products.

SkinBetter Science, like Nimue, needs a consultation before you purchase as they are all medical grade. If you wish to try and of the range, just drop me a message here and I can check they're suited to your skin.

Thank you so much for reading,

Emmaline x


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