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Treating Scarring Left From Breakouts

I think most of us have been there when we've had that little breakout and it just takes forever to heal up and go away. Those little red marks can be so frustrating when we are trying to have a clear complexion.

What's the technique though in treating them? It's simply exfoliation, but not just any exfoliation, you want very gentle but effective forms to break the intercellular bonds and lighten and brighten the skin.

Here are my favourite products I love to use. Please note, these products are all medical grade with AHA's and retinol and so cannot be purchased from my site without a consultation first. If there are any products that you're interested in, please just contact me to purchase them.


A chemical based exfoliator to eat up dead skin cells (think 'Pac-Man') and brighten the skin. Simply apply it to the skin, leave for a couple of minutes and then massage with wet fingertips for up to eight minutes. This will leave your skin looking super glowy and bright.


These are a solution for a very targeted and powerful skin rejuvenation. Used every other night either all over the face, neck and décolletage or just on specific targeted areas, they will gently exfoliate the skin, accelerate skin renewal, smooth the skin, promote an even skin tone and help treat scarring (amongst many other things!) They are an absolute saviour when my skin is breaking out and I don't want the spots to leave scarring.


To get a clear complexion, we need to do regular treatments at home to keep on top of our skin health. The Nimue Thermoflash Peel is a rapid resurfacing treatment with thermal technology for homeware use. It really helps to smooth the skin texture, repairs the barrier, improve dull and lifeless skin plus offer a gentle resurfacing treatment at home.


All of the AlphaRet products are incredible. I am not a lover at all for retinol because the way it can be so intolerable on the skin. Causing redness, flaking, dryness and also creating a risk of post inflammatory pigmentation, I just don't understand the benefits.

In comes AlphaRet though. A remarkable molecule created by SkinBetter Science which is a combination of retinol and alpha hydroxy acids. It's as effective on the skin as tretinoin (the strongest form of retinol) and yet as tolerable as retinyl palmitate (the gentlist form). This therefore gives you all the benefits of retinol but without all the retinoid reaction. Great for treating breakouts, redness and pigmentation in a very gentle but effective way.


Nimue Skin Technology's Sun-C SPF 40 and 50 and also the SkinBetter Science Tone Smart and Sun Better products give an incredible level of protection.

When using medical grade skincare, we must wear a sun protection daily as our skin can become a little sensitive to the sun due to the active ingredients we're using. Sun protection is a non-negotiable for me and the more the merrier too.

I hope you've found this useful. If you're unsure about what products suit your skin or you would like to purchase some of the products mentioned, then please click here to book an online consultation with me.

Thank you so much for reading,

Lots of love,



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