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APOTHECARY: A Simple Detox Oil Treatment

Happy New Year! This is just a nice and simple recipe to get you into a routine for the New Year. Have you every heard about body brushing? It's amazing! This is all you need to do...

In the morning, just before you get in the shower, do a very speedy body brush. If you're not sure about body brushing, then you can read more about it here.

Just take your brush (the firmer the brush the better!) and brush nice long strokes all over your body starting from the toes and working towards the heart. Remember this! You must ALWAYS brush towards the heart as what we are doing is stimulating the circulation.

Once you have done your brushing, get in a nice, warm shower. Once you're out and dried, apply some of this lovely body oil whilst your skin is still warm...

Ingredients for 100ml:

50ml Calendula

25ml Sweet Almond Oil

25ml Coconut Oil

(or just 50ml of Coconut OR Sweet Almond Oil if you don't have both)

5 drops of grapefruit oil

3 drops of geranium

Blend all the ingredients together in an empty glass bottle and give it a good shake.

Apply to the body in nice, deep strokes. Concentrate on the backs of thighs and arms (always massaging upwards).

TIP: A nice tip is to place the bottle of oil in some warm water whilst you're in the shower. This will allow the oil to penetrate better into the skin too.

Thanks so much for reading and enjoy your oil!

Big love,


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