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SKINCARE: Sugar Causes Wrinkles - Truth or Myth?

So we all know by now that sugar is really not good for our bodies. The worst being processed sugar which can really cause damage to our bodies. Diabetes is one of the biggest problems, along with some experts warning that sugar is actually one of the biggest causes of cancer! God, that is seriously depressing I know!

How does sugar affect our skin though? Can it really cause premature ageing and wrinkles? Let's have a look in a little bit more detail...

Without trying to bore you with the 'science' of it all, when we consume sugar it actually goes into our bloodstream and attaches itself to proteins which creates new molecules called 'advanced glycation end products' (or appropriately named AGEs for short). The more sugar we consume, the more AGEs we have in our bodies. These continue to damage proteins in our bodies in almost like a 'domino effect'. In fact, the proteins that they damage are our collagen and elastin fibres (these are protein fibres which keep our skin firm and elastic), which when damaged become dry and brittle. When these fibres snap (due to them being so brittle) they create a wrinkle. What can I say, bad news guys! Maybe that innocent piece of cake with lunch wasn't so innocent after all!

So what can we do to help ourselves? Is it too late? Is the damage already done? Not necessarily - I'm sure you will be glad to hear that there are some things that can be done to prevent any further damage.

Try and avoid all processed sugar in future

Now, I'm not saying you're not entitled to a piece of birthday cake and you can't indulge now and again, but try and be more aware of what you are consuming especially with hidden sugars. Low fat foods and white, processed carbohydrates can be laden with sugar. Don't think because something is savoury it doesn't contain any sugar either. Burgers, pizzas and white bread can contain quite a lot too.

Try and avoid high fructose corn syrup

This is a sweetener that is usually used in fizzy drinks, crackers, biscuits etc and causes more AGEs than other forms of sugar. Have a read of the packet next time your out shopping and try and avoid this at all costs.

Supplement your skin with vitamin B1 and B6

According to

"These vitamins proved to be potent AGE inhibitors in a number of published studies, says David J. Goldberg, MD, a New York City-based dermatologist and a clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. B1 and B6 are plentiful in food, but taking a multivitamin—most of which deliver at least 1 mg of both Bs—ensures you're getting the daily value of 1.1 mg for B1 and 1.3 mg for B6 (1.5 mg after age 50).

Maybe try in the future to avoid some of the processed sugars in your diet and see how your skin changes.

Thanks so much for reading

Emmaline x

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